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  1. It's possible to get admitted without a master's degree, but it likely will limit your options to a small group of schools. There is not set standard and even as someone who was applying to DrPH/PhD programs with a non-MPH, but still relevant master's degree I was getting mixed feedback on my chances. Your best bet is to try to identify your top program choices and then contact the program directly to discuss admissions criteria.
  2. I have a fully funded offer at the University of Maryland, so I'm feeling like I should play it safe and take that opportunity.
  3. GW emailed me back and said I wasn't selected for funding, disappointing but I'm glad I finally know.
  4. I have a friend currently at GW finishing his DrPH and what you've described is what I was expecting in terms of funding. He said in the past they've been very good about finding slots for students on campus and moving them to research jobs as they become available. Both PhD/DrPH programs should be graduating a good number of students this year which makes me more hopeful that there will be more space, but the timeline for that (everyone completing defense/whatever else they need to graduate) and the April 15th deadline probably don't align perfectly. I've emailed GW and will call tomorrow if I don't hear anything back today.
  5. Anyone else get a notification for financial aid from GW? What I'm viewing only offers me $33,000 in fed unsub loans
  6. My friend is currently in the Health Behavior DrPH program and he said the department overall does a good job making sure everyone is getting funding. It does seem this year they accepted a larger cohort of students for both PhD and DrPH so I'm being cautiously optimistic.
  7. My letter says "we are in the process of identifying funding opportunities for which you might be a good fit. The Program Director will be reaching out to you soon to discuss some possible outcomes". I am a little surprised at this since my interview focused a fair amount on my experience teaching, so I was expecting to get plugged into a TA position first. Guess I'm just going to have to wait and see what they have waiting for me
  8. Just got my notice of acceptance from GW's Health Behavior DrPH as well; I hope good news is coming to everyone else soon.
  9. Still no word for me from GW's Health Behavior department, I need to hide my phone so I can stop checking my email every few minutes.
  10. Same for me, no updates from GW's Health Behavior department either. I'm hoping news will come sooner than later.
  11. Have you been in touch with anyone at GW since your interview? I was expecting to get some notification to set up 1:1 interviews with professors sometime this week.
  12. I was checking my UMD application portal and my decision was posted on the 31st - in for PhD in Behavioral and Community Health! No email was sent to me yet though or any further contact from the Department.
  13. DrPH, hope you get an invite soon! Mine came on the evening of the 19th.
  14. There were three panelists on video and I think three professors called in. Good luck on Monday!
  15. I had my interview with GW - Health Behavior today and I felt like it went well - my panel was pretty big so those 20 minutes went very quickly. One professor wanted to follow up with me so I'm looking forward to that next step. Overall, GW was very friendly and I'm excited to see where this goes.
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