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  1. Hey everyone! I saw that someone heard from USC Health Behavior on survey. Any idea if they are done contacting people or not?
  2. I applied to UCLA Health Policy and haven't heard anything yet. The surveys website says people heard back around 1/31 last year...eeek! Good luck to you guys!
  3. Anybody know when people have heard back from UCLA or Univ. of Southern California? Thanks!
  4. Hey guys - here are my stats. Good luck to everyone!!! Undergrad Institution: University of Chicago Major: Public Policy Minor(s): Visual Arts GPA: 3.4 Grad Institution: Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Grad GPA: 4.0 GRE: 156V, 159Q, 4.0 AW Research Experience Graduate Research Assistant - Substance Use & Health Policy (current) Psychiatric Clinical Research Coordinator (2 years) Undergraduate Addiction Research Assistant (1 semester) Publications/Presentations Co-authoring publications in progress... Applied to University of Southern California (Health Behavior Research PhD) University of California, Irvine (Public Health PhD) University of California, Los Angeles (Health Policy & Management PhD) Accepted Nothing yet! Rejected and/or Waitlisted: Nothing yet!
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