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  1. surprise_quiche

    Favorite podcasts ?

    Hidden Brain with Shankar Vedantam from NPR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. surprise_quiche

    The Positivity Thread

    My partner finally met my extended family and they love him! Great news to end out the summer!
  3. surprise_quiche

    Advice on becoming a professor?

    @ExponentialDecay Yes to all especially the RA point. A lot of schools don't allow undergraduates to be a TA, but if yours does fully take advantage of it. Also start putting together a CV and build that CV up with research, volunteering, teaching experience, etc. Also begin to put points together to write a good statement of purpose, granted you won't need it until you start doing applications, but it's nice figuring out what your philosophy is so you don't have to do so last minute @HTM18 I second that 100%, in my experience GRE scores can make or break an application. Also, start identifying professors or others of which you think would accurately know your skills for when you need letters of recommendation. Let your advisor or professors you trust know that this is a path you want to pursue, as they may be able to point you in the direction of some good opportunities.
  4. surprise_quiche

    What to do during "training weeks"

    They actually just sent out a more comprehensive schedule yesterday! Guess who has a full schedule again? Thanks for the help!
  5. What do I do for the two weeks before schools starts that I'm required to be on campus???


  6. surprise_quiche

    What to do during "training weeks"

    I have two weeks of "training weeks" before classes start that I have to be on campus all day. Only two of those days I have been made aware of that I have all-day training. What do I do for the rest of the time?? I've been preparing for the class all summer, I'm just not sure what I should be doing during this time. Is this the same for all TA programs? Can I spend the time at my apartment or do I have to physically be there?
  7. surprise_quiche

    How will my stipend be paid?

    Awesome thank you!
  8. surprise_quiche

    Accept Federal Direct or Nah

    So I received tuition remission through an assistantship and a fellowship, but today the bursar also informed me of a federal direct unsubsidized loan. Since all tuition and other associated fees should be covered through this fellowship, should I accept the loan?
  9. surprise_quiche

    Milwaukee, WI

    Hey if anyone is looking for a place to live next semester check out Eleven25 at Pabst, which used to be the old bottling factory. Maybe you'll see me there! https://communityrewards.me/r/1p9yi
  10. surprise_quiche

    2018 Applications Thread

    I'm so sorry @pato, sending my best as well.
  11. surprise_quiche

    2018 Applications Thread

    @pato that is so frustrating. Was that the only school you were waiting for?
  12. surprise_quiche

    Keep A Word Drop A Word

    steam engine
  13. surprise_quiche

    Keep A Word Drop A Word

    job search
  14. surprise_quiche

    2018 Applications Thread

    @whitmanifesto I was definitely feeling that last week, but as soon as I finished my first draft of my research I felt a lot better.
  15. surprise_quiche

    How will my stipend be paid?

    I received a TA position and a fellowship for 9 months at a 50% enrollment. Is that typically paid monthly or upfront?

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