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  1. samaasl

    What's a good GRE score?

    I concur with dhg regarding the Magoosh Flashcards and covering the answers at first. It was the best tip I got out of Cracking the GRE. That textbook helped me the most out of the material I used. Simply because it allowed me to understand the test. In the end, I believe, it’s not about how smart you are (though it certainly helps), but how well you tackle the intricacies of the test. I am not a native speaker - far from it - but I just gave exactly those answers the exam wanted and I got 170 (obviously I think some luck was involved, too). This is very obvious when looking at my AWA score, which is...bad.
  2. Hi all! I am planning to apply to a few universities in the US this fall and am trying to find good programs in which I can combine Islamic/Middle Eastern studies and Digital Humanities (mostly working on the medieval period). Brown has a digital Islamic Humanities project, but the prof responsible for it comes from Comparative literature into which I don’t fit. Do you know any other programs in which there’s at least a prof that would be open to a digital Humanities approach?
  3. samaasl

    What's a good GRE score?

    I have good stats in Verbal (170, 99%) and Quant (162, 80%), but completely messed up the AWA with 4.0. I don't really want to retake the test, both because of time and money concerns, but I am considering it because of the AWA score. Do you think I should retake it? If it helps, I am an international student and not a native-speaker. I did the TOEFL a few years ago and got a 116, and am currently waiting on the results of the IELTS test (strongly hoping that I did not mess up the writing section....)

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