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  1. samaasl

    Princeton, NJ

    I didn't realize you were an international student as well. I am panicking, too. In addition, if I do get graduate housing, I would have to move in the same day when I arrive. How does that work without furniture and a dog who has just travelled 8+ hours? And I will need a check for the deposit, so I will have to pass by the bank to open an account first? I am making myself half crazy about it. I have started checking in Trenton, simply because Princeton is very expensive and a lot of the options with roommates do not accommodate dogs, but so far no answer. I can just pray and hope that I will get the pet-friendly option. If I don't, I think I will try to move earlier without the dog and find a solution on the ground before getting her, but that will be very expensive. Oh man. When you thought the hard process was over EDIT: maybe we should stay in contact and meet up with our dogs
  2. samaasl

    Princeton, NJ

    Hey there! I will move to Princeton for my PhD and planning to bring my dog. I am worried that I will not get pet-friendly graduate housing which would be amazing. As I am in Europe, I cannot visit other housing options... do you already know where you will be staying?
  3. Haha. Maybe we should, so we at least know one person to talk to But my name will also make sense once I present on my topic ?. If you do want to get in touch before the weekend, let me know! @nickxk will you be joining us?
  4. Just woke up in the middle of the night to an invitation as well. Yay/terror for real! Seems like we are having tests. Hope it’ll go well @Atlas Obscura we will see each other there!
  5. I had contact with him through work and found him to be super nice. The POI I contacted also was super nice and in general I love all their bios on the website. Some of them are at times hilarious as are the instructions to the fact sheet (“Some applicants expect us to be flattered if they apply only to Princeton; in fact it makes us uneasy. It is much better for you to spread your risk. Even if you have set your heart on coming to Princeton, you should at least apply to Harvard as a safe school.”) and parts of their prospective students page (“The Department does not actively prevent a student living the life of a recluse, but it offers numerous alternatives [...].”) I think I’d love that environment ? I have an interview on Tuesday for a school here (not US). So at least I would already have gone through one harrowing interview.
  6. Mabrouk! Is it Haykel or Zaman? and wow: 12-15? Their cohorts in the last years were 3-5 PhDs. That might indicate that the interview weekend is indeed tough. IsA Monday will be a good day for us.
  7. You’ll do great. Remember that they are only humans s/he won’t eat you and seems genuinely interested, so you’re off to a good start.
  8. Also: if you can get him/her to tell you when the invitations are sent out that’d be great!
  9. Who is your POI at Princeton? A phone call is great! radio silence on my side, too. But I won’t get worried until the end of next week for Princeton. IsA kheir.
  10. Well, that doesn’t bode well for me if they do invite me. Unfortunately don’t know anything about Michigan
  11. No, nothing yet. I am not surprised though as last years’ results show that interviews and acceptances were sent out in February and March (at least for my choices). A few more weeks wait. whats your focus? EDIT: I also don’t expect to hear a positive response from UPenn as I’ve heard that their cohort is small and my fit not too strong.
  12. The GRE & IELTS were horribly expensive and I’m happy that I will have a few years without having to take them anymore. Princeton & UPenn. Thought about Chicago and Brown, but ultimately decided against applying. The chance of getting in is presumably minimal, but we will see. I have a plan B and C, and am excited to see where I’ll be and what I’ll be doing after the summer
  13. I applied for NELC/NES, too. I actually applied to even less Unis than you; only two. I find the process super expensive, especially including the translations of certificates and transcripts. I also decided to focus on those Unis that were worth a move; both in terms of academic fit & support and personal preference (I am not sure I would survive 5 years in LA, for example). I am excited to see if it works out
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