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  1. I am an international student and the university I graduated with my BA degree issues the diploma, a supplement and an academic record with all courses counted toward the degree. Failed courses are not listed, because they do not count towards the degree. On the other hand, the transcript of records does list the failed courses. Should I submit both? Or just one?
  2. samaasl

    What's a good GRE score?

    I concur with dhg regarding the Magoosh Flashcards and covering the answers at first. It was the best tip I got out of Cracking the GRE. That textbook helped me the most out of the material I used. Simply because it allowed me to understand the test. In the end, I believe, it’s not about how smart you are (though it certainly helps), but how well you tackle the intricacies of the test. I am not a native speaker - far from it - but I just gave exactly those answers the exam wanted and I got 170 (obviously I think some luck was involved, too). This is very obvious when looking at my AWA score, which is...bad.
  3. Hi all! I am planning to apply to a few universities in the US this fall and am trying to find good programs in which I can combine Islamic/Middle Eastern studies and Digital Humanities (mostly working on the medieval period). Brown has a digital Islamic Humanities project, but the prof responsible for it comes from Comparative literature into which I don’t fit. Do you know any other programs in which there’s at least a prof that would be open to a digital Humanities approach?
  4. samaasl

    What's a good GRE score?

    I have good stats in Verbal (170, 99%) and Quant (162, 80%), but completely messed up the AWA with 4.0. I don't really want to retake the test, both because of time and money concerns, but I am considering it because of the AWA score. Do you think I should retake it? If it helps, I am an international student and not a native-speaker. I did the TOEFL a few years ago and got a 116, and am currently waiting on the results of the IELTS test (strongly hoping that I did not mess up the writing section....)

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