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  1. I just got back from the visit at Michigan. While I will not be attending a PhD and will be getting my MA first, I was told I got the Rackham Merit Award and so I have tuition covered with a nice stipend! Out of 200 people who applied, seventy were accepted across all international MAs, 8 were nominated for the award, but only I and one other person got it, so I feel very grateful and lucky!
  2. And to you as well! I’m feeling pretty good with the letter Michigan sent me for the MA, from my experience there as an undergrad, they really do have good funding opportunities at all levels of education and seem to imply that they have well funded travel and research stipends too. This will prepare me well for a PhD!
  3. Results from Michigan MA! Accepted with two shots at full funding through their graduate school merit scholarship or FLAS! No words from Columbia or Arizona yet!
  4. That’s reassuring! If I can get good funding I’ll be happy to get the MA. I can work further on my Arabic, and get certified for French and Farsi proficiency. I had authorship on research in critical discourse studies but I bet I can get more research and (maybe, as a 320 isn’t bad) retry the GRE! Still an alternate for FLAS funding at Texas and awaiting news for Michigan MA- though I feel very confident on it! Congrats on Brown, very cool!
  5. That seems like a good idea. I’m now realizing in this field that getting the MA before jumping to the PhD is a lot more common than I thought and so I kind of regret applying to mostly PhDs. I think I’ll either be at Texas or Michigan or MES/MENAS MA. The silver lining is I know what to work on and how to make my application really good two years from now!
  6. Wondering the same thing. As I’ve seen noting of CMES+History But History + MES has rejections. I also don’t have an MA yet.
  7. When does one assume a waitlist? I have not heard back from anywhere except for the Texas MA (will know about Michigan MA soon) but have not heard anything definitive at all from any of my PhD apps.
  8. My area of interest has to do with discourse and the interactions between Islamist and western ideologies such as liberalism, Marxism, etc with an emphasis on 20th century movements in the Levant. How did ‘ulema contend with ideologies from a different tradition of thought from their own? How did Syrian, Lebanese, and Iraqi communists and nationalists co-opt elements of Islamic thought? As such, my school choices deal much more heavily in critical studies.
  9. I saw that someone got waitlisted at Arizona but I have seen no rejections or acceptances but I'm assuming I'll be rejected (that's the usual order but I've seen the opposite order on occasion). Weird that no one seems to list Arizona in the results compared to other schools when it supposedly has a large program. Perhaps they'll recommend me to the MA program instead as those acceptances go out later? I know that PhD admissions are a crapshoot but I'm probably going to have to go for the MA before the PhD at this point which is really the standard order of things anyhow in Middle Eastern Studies, it would seem. Some fields have a much higher BA-> PhD rate than BA->MA->PhD and I'm noticing A LOT more people who already have an MA. If the MA is the way I'll head, I might prefer to go back to my alma mater as they have a lot of funding opportunities and it's in-state tuition. Unfortunately in America price is a huge consideration if one doesn't get a funded PhD spot.
  10. I really had assumed I’d hear a lot more (whether rejections, waitlist, maybe some acceptances) by now.
  11. Still radio silence elsewhere, but I just received news that I am an alternate for FLAS funding at Texas for their MA. Here's hoping I can get off that waitlist. If not, I have my in-state school that will likely accept me and another FLAS shot there, or I may still hear good news from one of the PhD programs.
  12. Still radio silence from most places that I applied but apparently only a couple of my schools do interviews. This wait is excruciating though.
  13. Anyone hear anything from Arizona yet? I saw that someone got accepted into the MA, but it was marked as ‘S19’ and I haven’t seen any other responses including acceptances or rejections for Fall PhD OR MA.
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