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  1. I had emailed the department chair for the information, but I think you can check somewhere on your CUA account?
  2. Nevermind, I heard back from CUA a second time and did indeed receive funding, which includes full tuition and a stipend. Besides UChicago's Ph.D., this was my first choice, so I'm pretty stoked!
  3. I just heard back about CUA funding after a long wait, so I guess it's clear to say that I probably will not be attending unfortunately. I'm still happy with how this season went, though. Hopefully everyone else is content with this application season as well!
  4. Thanks for the reply. It seems like you worked hard and I'm happy that it paid off for you; your story encourages me to work harder as well. Good luck at Brown!
  5. Thank you! I got a response today about funding, and I essentially have full tuition, so that's a definite plus. Congrats on the acceptance to Brown! It's a great program for sure, which reflects on you as well. If I may, and if you did not post it elsewhere, could I ask what your qualifications were when you applied this cycle? I know that every Ph.D. applicant is different and committees take that into account, but I'm sure that your previous experience could help myself and others when we are applying (and re-applying ) to different programs in the future.
  6. Harvard Divinity just released their decisions as well, and I was admitted into the MTS program to study Coptic and Arabic. While it isn't a NELC/MES program, if I go there, I intend to work closely with the departments and in Classics, too. Now is the fun part: Making the decision
  7. Thank you! I received some encouraging emails from my POI after my rejection from the Ph.D., so I figured that I would be admitted; it's a great feeling nonetheless. Like other people in this forum, I don't have an MA and no formal background in Middle Eastern/Near Eastern studies besides Coptic and Greek. My undergraduate degree will be in History and Classics, but with a focus on medieval history (mostly Byzantium.) I figured that I might not be admitted into a Ph.D. program until I complete an MA somewhere, so Chicago or CUA would be great options since they have great placement records. About CUA's funding, I had emailed the department about the deadline for accepting the offer of admissions (since it wasn't posted on my acceptance later), and I was told that the deadline is April 15th and funding should be available soon. I'm not sure how many people had applied this year, but hopefully, we hear good news soon!
  8. I was just accepted to the MA in Middle Eastern Studies at Chicago with a half-tuition scholarship for the first year and a full tuition scholarship for the second year if I make satisfactory progress; my application was for the Ph.D. in NELC, but it was referred to the CMES later. While I am waiting to hear back from other places, I'm glad to have another option to consider.
  9. Same with the Christian Near East, and yes, Coptic is my primary research language I'm interested in picking up Arabic as my minor language if I attend since I want to study Byzantine/Islamic Egypt. Before Near Eastern stuff, I studied Latin and ancient/Byzantine Greek for three years, but I spend more time studying Coptic nowadays. On a side note, good luck with funding! It's a great program, and I presume that you'll be studying with Dr. Aaron Butts?
  10. I recently found this thread, and I'm interested to hear what you guys hope to study in MES/NELC programs? I applied to several places, including Chicago, CUA, and HDS. While I was denied admission into the Ph.D. program at Chicago, my application was forwarded to the MA in CMES; I was also admitted into CUA and am waiting to hear back from HDS.
  11. Congrats! I applied and was admitted to CUA's Semitics program as well. What are you hoping to study?
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