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  1. Congrats on even getting waitlisted! I'm afraid I don't know much about the process in terms of ranking, but I think it makes sense to contact your POI and reiterate your enthusiasm for the program, etc. Will you DM me your POI? I might be able to offer more specific advice.
  2. Congrats to Princeton admits, if you're lurking here! Feel free to DM with questions.
  3. I don't have much insight, but I do know that Princeton has been in the midst of several hiring searches, so I would not be surprised if decisions are a bit later this year.
  4. I do want to add that, if you are trying to decide between schools and you can afford to cover any difference between the reimbursement they offer and the cost of going, do go to visit weekends. Mnay of the deciding factors for me were things that I learned in person during visits. Plus, it's definitely your last chance to feel courted by a school for a while (ever?), so enjoy it!
  5. Just popping in to wish everyone good luck as they wait! I was in your shoes last year and know how miserable that wait can be, so my thoughts are with you. I second the advice here to do something healthy, go for a walk, hang out with friends -- all the sorts of things you'll need to do to take care of yourself in grad school, too.
  6. HardyBoy

    Princeton, NJ

    Has anyone gotten a result on graduate housing yet? The incoming students page says "Housing offers are being issued on a rolling basis over the next few weeks to all on time applicants." The wait is driving me bonkers.
  7. I have a Lenovo ThinkPad 13 that has served me very well for 3 years (I even spilled an entire beer on it the first day I had it and, aside from a couple of sticky keys, it was no worse for the wear). However, I'm thinking about springing for a Surface headed into the PhD program, because the ability to annotate documents on a tablet screen is super appealing. Does anyone have a Surface who is willing to share their experiences?
  8. HardyBoy

    Applications 2019

    @IndianGirl2019 they told us mid-March during the visit. If I were you, I think I would just reach out to Davis and explain the situation. They can probably give you more details, even if they can't give the official offer yet. The current students were very confident that everyone gets five years of funding.
  9. HardyBoy

    Applications 2019

    I also got into UC Davis and have yet to hear about funding. We have until April 15, to make the decision, though. Did McGill tell you only March 15? That's totally weird. From what I understand, UC Davis History definitely offers full funding for 5 years. They reiterated that multiple times during our visit.
  10. HardyBoy

    Applications 2019

    I had a great time on my Yale visit, though I'm HSHM, so I know it was a little different. The students and faculty I met were all warm and the intellectual environment seemed exciting. But then, that has been true of my other campus visits, too, so decisions are tough!
  11. Thanks @psstein! This has been my feeling as well (and definitely something I will be asking about on visit days), but I've gotten such confusing feedback that I thought it might be helpful to hear from people who are in no way connected to my decision-making process.
  12. Hi everyone, I'm reviving this thread because I am totally torn about me schools decisions, and hoping some of the HOS folks on this board might help. My interests tend to sit at the intersection of environmental history and history of science and technology. I'm not a 100% committed HOS person (is that a thing?), but I definitely enjoy History of Science. I went to SHOT last year and found it to be totally up my alley. That said, I don't want to be too far removed from the straight history side of things. I've been accepted to both HOS and History programs, and I've gotten extremely conflicting advice from mentors and POIs. Some feel it doesn't matter at all if I do HOS; others are certain it will make it harder for me to get the broader history experience and hurt me on the job market. What do you guys think? What have your experiences with the interaction of history and history of science departments been like? And, for those of you in programs, what has that looked like for your peers on the job market?
  13. Probably a long shot, but is anyone else flying to Hartford on 3/3 and wants to split an Uber to New Haven? DM me.
  14. This is my first time going through this, too, but I can give you advice based on how I feel. To me, not only are the visit days a crucial chance to get a feel for the personality of the program and to try to get a sense of whether you'll be happy there, but they seem like good opportunities to put some "what ifs" to rest. If, for example, you choose school A without going to school B, and then later (probably inevitably) learn that School A is not perfect, you might always wonder if you would have chosen School B if you'd visited. But if you visit both, it might 1) affirm your decision to choose School A; 2) give School B a chance to surprise you, and 3) allow you to know that you made your decision with all the possible information at your disposal. One of my visits is at the end of March, so I get the frustration with the decision-making process stretching out so long. But IMO, increasing the confidence in your decision is worth it.
  15. HardyBoy

    Applications 2019

    Congrats to the Penn HSS admit!
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