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  1. My uni still hasn't made a decision. The grapevines are saying that we will be hybrid, but all graduate students will be expected to come to campus at least once a week. This whole situation is a mess and is not getting better any time soon. Yet, unis are pretending it is over for the sake of money. *sigh*
  2. https://www.insidehighered.com/coronavirus Check out Inside Higher Ed for close to up-to-date information. I think the current court cases against University of Miami and Drexler University are going to set a precedent for higher ed, so I have been trying to stay up-to-date on those cases, too. For more on the ground advice, reach out to current students and ask how they are coping. We don't know much and mostly are running around with our heads cut off, but we do have some plans ready to go depending on what happens. Good luck to all of you!
  3. This upcoming round is going to be increasingly more competitive and your project (not your stats) needs to stand out. More specifically, the above part of your post needs to be expanded upon. What do you exactly want to research? How are you extending the current research? What theories are you employing or want to employ? Why is your MA in American Studies in Germany helpful? What languages will you need for your project and can you use them or must you learn them still? Now, I come to something a bit personal and touchy for me. Most of your second paragraphs should go into a diversity
  4. You might be a bit late to the party to do anything related to German/Modern Europe. If you do a field in Modern Europe, you will need at least 2 European languages to pass to candidacy. Some advisers / committees recommend a third language on top of that in order to make your work more marketable in an increasingly tightening academic field. In your case, you would probably need to get German (ASAP) and French (Year 3 or 4). Instead of opening that can of worms, you can cast yourself as an Americanist who studies American-German cultural relations. This route would still require you to pick u
  5. They should send you a rejection letter if you aren't accepted off the waitlist. I would not expect a personal email, but some programs might send you one.
  6. For those of you reaching out to students of professors, try your best to get a range of years. Someone finishing their dissertation is going to have a radically different view of a professor as a mentor compared to a current first or second year, especially since most departments are in the midst of "redefining what it means to do a PhD in History." As noted earlier, offer to call the student if you want them to be a bit more candid. Politics are a real thing in grad school and it is best to start learning how to play / avoid the game.
  7. Congrats! It is an amazing opportunity. I don't mean to be a wet blanket, but funding is extremely hard to come by for foreign nationals outside of the Commonwealth in the UK system. I had a fully funded PhD with a TAship and stipend offer 2 years ago, but it was pulled when the university admin realized their "legal responsibility" under the "new UK immigration law" after Brexit. To preempt this issue, I would immediately start looking for American sources of funding. Check out the Marshall Scholarships if their application window is open.
  8. I would genuinely be interested to know if departments are starting to give feedback to rejections. It sounds like a huge amount of work that professors might not be willing to take on. *stares in grad student*
  9. That's very much the case. I used to be on the f- Sigaba crowd due to the sheer brutality of some of their comments. I will say, though, that their comments are not far off from reality and actually hinge on polite. Maybe some ancedotal evidence will help. (probs not) Anyways, I'm currently a union rep for my department and have frayed a ton of relationships with faculty due to my role as a labor organizer. In fact, my secondary advisor has all but stopped talking to me and begun spreading rumors about me to other faculty. Now, I receive all kinds of looks from faculty and have a general
  10. @KiraBerl and @histori041512, recruitment weekend is being organized right now for the beginning of March, so people should be receiving something soon. I'm not sure the exact time, but expect something soon.
  11. Michigan does not interview. It is a department policy.
  12. I'll share my thoughts on the program, but always via PM. As for the reddit link...yeah...it hits a lot of issues, but also misses a lot of solutions.
  13. On the interview aspect, which has been hammered to death by great advice, I'm attending a program that did not interview anyone. I interviewed at 2 other schools and got rejected from both. One POI that I interviewed with said that he interviews all students who want to work with him as a primary adviser. Meanwhile, another POI said he only interviews his top 2 choices. As a marker of acceptance/wait-list/rejection, interviews are almost meaningless and one should try hard (I know) to not let a lack or abundance of interviews affect them. I hear Jack and Cokes and Vodka Teas are a great way
  14. Do you want to work specifically on refugees and migration? If you need to write a thesis and that is your topic, then I don't see a problem with the program as long as you can "justify" it to people outside of your area of study.
  15. I cannot be 100% sure since I'm in a different department, but Philosophy is under the LSA College and Rackham Graduate School. This means that the department needs to adhere to the basic funding structure set up by both administrative institutions. There will be differences between the departments. For example, I receive an award and slightly larger stipend than my friends in the German department. However, these differences are going to be extremely small and dependent on the department since the rules set by LSA College and Rackham Graduate School are collectively bargained for every 3 year
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