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  1. I'm in the middle of turning my MA thesis into an article and have received feedback from a journal that is blind reviewed. The editor was extremely kind and helpful with some general advice on how to improve my paper. As for the comments from my blind reviewer, well... they were nasty and not helpful at all. While I can understand some of the theory and framing comments, there were a handful of comments that questioned my intelligence and commitment to my work. I figured that I still had quite a bit of work ahead, but I wasn't expecting to be told to go pound rocks. Without going into them, how does one handle these type of comments? How do you try to improve your work and stay motivated? Do you move your article to another journal without making some changes?
  2. Tigla

    2019 Visit Days/Decisions

    @TMP and @psstein have been hammering the writing aspect pretty hard for a very good reason. We need to uphold our end of the contract (TAing, exams, research, etc.) and the university needs to uphold their end, too. I also recommend reading the fine print in both your funding letter and acceptance letter. You will learn how the funding will change according to a change in tuition, and even how/why your funding may be pulled - plus a boatload of other small, but important facts about your program and contract. The fine print will be in legal terms, but read it and take it to heart. For example, I learned that my funding will be adjusted to inflation only if the annual inflation rate jumps over 3.5%, which it has not done in almost 40 years. Anything below 3.5% is considered as a big old LOL. So, my funding seems like it increases every year, but that is highly dependent on the state of the economy, not my overall progression through the degree.
  3. Tigla

    Applications 2019

    Honestly, no. You have a PhD offer and they are extremely hard to come by. Even if you complete a highly competitive and prestigious MA, you could still not receive a PhD offer because POIs move, lack of funding, cutting down the size of cohorts, etc. Your current offer may not be from a crème de le crème school, but you have 7 years to mold your research interests and skills, network at conferences, teach your own lectures, go on research trips to different countries, and so on. Instead of going backwards on a maybe, I suggest that you go forward and make the best of your PhD offer.
  4. Tigla

    Applications 2019

    I accepted my Michigan offer today and withdrew my application from NYU. Michigan's offer is too good to turn down in my opinion. With my name off the wait list, hopefully, someone from here will get that acceptance.
  5. Tigla

    Applications 2019

    With the cycle in full swing and the first wave of decisions rolling out, is it appropriate to reach out to a POI or the department and ask about the status of my application? I have a solid offer from a school that would be an excellent fit. However, School 2 is an excellent fit, too, but a lot depends on their offer and whether I'm on a wait list or not. Is this a situation where one should bite the bullet and wait it out or can you reach out and ask about the status of your application?
  6. Tigla

    How many times to apply?

    Unfortunately, no one can answer your question for you. You need to think long and hard about what you want to do with a PhD and if it is necessary. Also, you need to ask yourself if you're ready to give up on a PhD and move on. It sucks to think about moving on, but it's something you need to face with an honest face and plenty of support. I don't mean to discourage you by saying these things, but rather these things are the questions that I needed to mull over after my two years of rejections and wait lists. In the end, I decided that one more year was worth the work and possible heartbreak. Luckily, it paid off and I was accepted this cycle. First, I looked through all my old applications and sent a mock application to two professors that I admire, but more importantly, trust to give me honest and critical feedback. I'm not saying a select few professors give critical and positive feedback. Rather, I know these professors and have a collaborative and friendly relationship with them, which fosters more of a close working relationship. After they gave me feedback, I began preparing my new set of materials and sent them back to the professors for a final read over before submitting the final applications. Second, I talked with several of my closest friends about why I wanted to do a PhD. I wanted to think through whether I needed a PhD to do the work I wanted. They had some brutal comments, but those comments pushed me to reevaluate and reframe my application. Lastly, I kept in contact with several POIs and tried to develop an early working relationship with them throughout the application cycle. In fact, one of my POIs at my accepted university reached out to me after I received the decision letter and thanked me for taking his advice to heart and keeping in contact. He felt that I showed not only an in-depth knowledge of my topic, but also a willingness to work with him and develop a relationship. I'm not sure if one thing changed my application or if it was all of them. I do know that I took a hard look at myself and decided that it was time to go all out one last time. Maybe it was the extra oomph created by giving myself only one more cycle that helped me get into a school. Or maybe it was dumb luck that I was accepted. In short, do not beat yourself down and give up right away. Take a couple months to decompress and think about whether you want to do a PhD. If you decide that it is, then come back and go at it once again.
  7. Tigla

    Applications 2019

    I was admitted after three cycles of rejections and wait lists. I would say the most important thing is to not get discouraged if you are not admitted on your first or even second attempt. Use the experiences of your rejections and wait lists to hone your SOPs, writing sample, and school selection. Before you begin editing and preparing for the next cycle, I encourage you to take a break and relax a bit. Most of our brains are exhausted and emotionally drained. A break will help you gather yourself and think critically on your own work. Besides gradcafe, another helpful source are the subreddits for SOPs, graduate school, and history. There are a million threads with applicants and current students talking about applications in general, as well as history. I personally used the subreddits to find readers of my SOPs who I never met. It was a great way to get some advice and tips for improving my SOPs which I used alongside the tips I received from professors and friends. Like always, if you have any questions, feel free to PM me and I'll do my best to give you advice. Best of luck to all new and experienced applicants!
  8. Tigla

    Applications 2019

    Rejected from Princeton. A bit expected since it wasn't the best fit and one of my POIs isn't taking many students anymore.
  9. Tigla

    Applications 2019

    Thank you very much! I was very much discouraged and ready to give up. Luckily, I reached out to someone and they helped me relax and take a moment to think. It was a not so gentle reminder that we all need help at some point in this process. Thank you @historygeek.
  10. Tigla

    Applications 2019

    Accepted into U-Mich! The wait is finally over!
  11. Tigla

    Applications 2019

    I had an interview with my POI at Yale, though. So, I had a bit more hope for that uni than I did for the rest of them.
  12. Tigla

    Applications 2019

    Well...my stress and anxiety skyrocketed today. How are Harvard and Yale contacting accepted candidates? If it is an official email, then I did not receive anything. Looks like its time to put the backup plan into action since this cycle isn't my turn either.
  13. Tigla

    Applications 2019

    Thanks for the vote of confidence. After two cycles of rejections and wait-lists, this first letter brought back all the old vibes. I hope you are right!
  14. Tigla

    Applications 2019

    First letter is a rejection. It gets harder and harder every cycle to eat these letters and still keep your head up. To everyone who received an acceptance, congratulations! Your foot is in the door. Get ready to kick it in!
  15. Tigla

    Applications 2019

    @historygeek, the best medicine tends to be laughter. I miss The Office so much and needed a little chuckle after the stressful morning of waking up to no emails from universities.

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