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  1. http://www.georgetownenvironmentalhistory.org/2017conference.html
  2. The more applications they get the more "competitive" they look, look for more than "I encourage you to apply".
  3. You make me feel bad starting at 30 years old (: Think of it as a job, just like any job, age is irrelevant unless you have financial responsibilities to others.
  4. Hi Tahinist, Work on a good SOP, demonstrate your potential and how you developed your research questions and apply to MA and Ph.D. programs to see where can you get in. Regarding the Levant and Ottomans, my department (NES, Princeton) has many experts of this theme. Good Luck.
  5. It happens all the time, people change their fields and explain why and how in their SOPs and demonstrate their potential for the new field.
  6. No. You need to have a "theme" from the start to the end that connects with 3 faculty. It's like pitching a project and that you're the best to pursue it. Read this book: https://www.amazon.com/Graduate-Admissions-Essays-Fourth-School/dp/1607743213/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1493514157&sr=1-1&keywords=graduate+admission+Essay
  7. What about maritime history?
  8. Baloch

    Area Studies

    Consider Rutgers too.
  9. Baloch


    American History R_Escobar (20th century, American Indian), crazedandinfused (antebellum, intellectual), hopin'-n-prayin' (southern, religious), stevemcn (transnational), Simple Twist of Fate (early American), zb642 (20th century, labor/working-class culture), BCEmory08 (19th-20th century Catholicism, labor), irvinchiva10 (20th century, immigration/immigration reform) natsteel (early American political culture and intellectual history) unforth (19th century US political and military history, US Civil War)
  10. It's an American ivy. True, I talked to others who went through this and confirmed that it's imperative to ground oneself in a discipline for better chances at finding a professorship. I sense that comp-lit is also on the downside of job market due to its eclectic nature, and many end up at a national literature department or teaching languages. There's also politics, but then poli sci departments are highly quantitative here, something area studies don't do well at. That leaves us pretty much to history! And then old fashioned history is dying out, and environmental, racial, cultural, materia
  11. Hi all, I'm newly admitted to an area studies Ph.D. program, and now I'm trying to navigate ideas of a dissertation, I'm equally into history, comp lit, and religions of Middle East/South Asia. I'd like to hear thoughts about marketability and the job market for these fields.
  12. Thanks. Mine is Gulf Studies, 19th-20th, sectarian politics and history.
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