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  1. I only sent in my unofficial transcripts with the online application -- did not actually mail in my official transcripts.
  2. Is that what it says on Galaxy? I emailed the enrollment department about that (because I got those things appearing on my application as well), and the rep told me that they just didn't update their page, but that my files have been received. I can send you the person's email if you want to send them an email too to check!
  3. I saw the campus tour drone videos on youtube and it looks like a very pretty campus! The program is also climbing up the ranks! Say hello to my friend that I introduced you to for me the faculty there is great -- you'll love them. Dr. King is a very humble and amazing man.
  4. @Waitingforgrad Totally agree with @PhDorBUST. I would email them to see if they would be willing to do something on Skype. I would make sure that they know it's because of financial constraints as opposed to a lack of care or unwillingness, but I would totally ask.
  5. I'm presenting and chairing at the same time...yikes! Super excited, but equally as nervous to chair a panel! What are people more comfortable with? Meeting up on one of the first nights, or sometime towards the end? I'm okay with any! I will never say no to drinks
  6. The campus visitations are paid for by the schools normally -- I've only gotten two, so those are the only one's ill be visiting so far.
  7. I just got it this afternoon at around 2:06pm to be precise! I wouldn't lose hope though, as there are many people with other offers that might choose other places!!
  8. Could you also ask about campus visitations? Dates and if its happening? THANKS A MILLION @aml149 !!
  9. @RoadtoPhD In the letter it says to notify them within 15 days of our admissions offer. Does that mean we have to accept the formal offer within 15 days, or that we accept our interest and have until April to make our final decision?
  10. Do they have a campus visitation scheduled? It didn't seem like they had one in the email :|
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