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  1. https://www.bonfire.com/coffee-crime-podcasts/
  2. If anyone has done an interview at a school - what type of questions did they ask you?
  3. Were they below 50th percentile? Mine weren't the greatest either, so it's weird that they would put so much emphasis on it, especially since you have a masters already. Did you hear back from any other places? Stay positive (easier said than done, I know)!
  4. Need advice! I'm visiting a school in late February, but got asked to interview at another one on the day I would fly back home. They offered to do a skype interview, which I will probably end up asking for. However, should I include in the email that the reason I'm asking for a skype interview is that I would be just coming back from another school, or should I just keep it vague and say I'll be out of town?
  5. If I send two test scores, do schools take the highest score for each section?
  6. All of the schools that I plan to apply to require a writing sample. I have a few questions: 1. I don't have a masters and I didn't do a thesis in undergrad - would it be okay if I just submitted a paper I did for a class? 2. My undergrad is in Psychology, would it be sufficient if I submit a paper with a forensic psychology focus? 3. Most of the schools don't specify length. The paper I'm thinking of submitting is 7 pages long. Is that long enough? Thanks!
  7. Recently took the gre and my verbal score was terrible (below 50%). The programs I plan to apply to are going to want at least a 155 on verbal. Do you all have any specific tips for the verbal section that helped you? To prepare I used Magoosh, memorized over 200 common gre words, and took the powerprep ETS tests (which had me pegged at 153-155 for a verbal score which obviously didn't happen).
  8. Did you talk to professors/grad coordinators to just put your name out there or did you specifically ask if the professors were looking for students? That's something I've gotten advice on - and different answers.
  9. yeah definitely! I haven't done anything for my applications yet, gotta start soon
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