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  1. I have! I won't be attending but the graduate director there is really awesome.
  2. Hi guys! Congrats to all of you who have made decisions on great programs. I'm officially going to attend Northeastern in the fall. It was a little bit of a tough choice between there and Cincinnati but I feel like I picked the best fit for me! Good luck to everyone making their decisions
  3. I don't think sociologists are necessarily different. If you look on the CJ faculty pages, the large majority have sociology backgrounds (especially the really well respected crim faculty who have been around for a while since CJ is relatively new). I'm actually in a sociology program now, I'm switching because sociology is a broader perspective than what I want to study and my program wasn't crime/deviance majority so there weren't many faculty members to work with. The main thing I would say is to look at the faculty, what they're studying, could you find a mentor, and is there various professors studying Criminology. If the answer is yes, then you really would be fine in either department. Hope this helps!
  4. Congrats !! And yes I didn't apply but I heard Maryland is one of those schools that does more than one round of acceptances
  5. There are also some really good sociology programs in Colorado that specialize in crime if you're looking specifically at location!
  6. Someone from my cohort was accepted about a week ago
  7. I'd stick to business casual so you're more comfortable!
  8. I haven't done much with that to be honest. Last time I spoke with Dr. Sullivan he said there would be a way to indicate acceptance through the portal but haven't seen that happen yet
  9. I think definitely the fit in terms of the faculty and the program in general. Look at where you want to be in a couple years and which program can get you there!
  10. For those of you who applied to UT Dallas - admissions decisions are on the galaxy portal
  11. congrats @wknd_worrier and @CJPHDHopeful! Great programs!
  12. Keep your head up!! The process Is most definitely not fun, but also have to think that even if you don't have funding now doesn't mean you won't get it later on once people start accepting/rejecting offers. What schools are you waiting on?
  13. I emailed someone in the department who said they see no sign of my transcripts but what email did you use? Maybe it will be more help! Did you send over official transcripts too?
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