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  1. Full-ride at Fordham or half-ride at Cornell?

    I'm risk-averse so I wouldn't take on the debt when you have the chance to be fully funded. Why are you leaning toward computer science rather than data science? And, do you think working to pay for an apartment will distract from your studies?
  2. Full-ride at Fordham or half-ride at Cornell?

    Does the $38K in loans include living expenses if you were to go to Cornell?
  3. Utah vs Pittsburgh (Finance PhD)

    Just because they didn't interview applicants doesn't mean you can't or shouldn't visit. Being on the ground somewhere is the best way to get a feel for a program, though I realize it isn't always possible. You may want to try asking more/different current students your questions if you still have some that are unanswered. If you haven't already, you might suggest a phone/video chat, rather than email, since they may be wary of critiquing their program in email.
  4. Utah vs Pittsburgh (Finance PhD)

    Have you visited both programs? Have you talked to graduate students in both programs? Is there a place where you think you'd be more comfortable?
  5. Lower-Ranked Ivy - Worth It?

    @NewPhD, I've lived in many places around the US and have several friends who went to Brown. What they've found is that, depending on where they are in the country, is that people outside academia aren't sure of what Brown is or where it is. The OP is asking about a professional master's so the ability to go to a program that people outside academia recognize is prestigious is key. UNC's public policy program, in many places, will be better recognized precisely because it is in the top 25 unlike Brown.
  6. Need help/advice

    To reply, see here:
  7. You don't say anything about funding, which is a key consideration. I'd also be thinking about the track record of these programs and supervisors when it comes to helping their students get funding to do fieldwork if that's something you'll need to do for your project. I would also think about whether they have or are willing to publish with their students. I know traditional wisdom is not to go to a program for one person. But, I basically did that for my PhD and it worked out fine. My supervisor did later leave for another institution but, I was far enough along in my degree that it didn't affect me or alter my plans.
  8. Desperation phase 1

    Okay, so there's a lot going on here. It strikes me that you may want to meet with a counselor or therapist to discuss all of this. Below I'll run through what stands out to me: - You say that you can't handle another year apart. Why is that? If you've already been apart for a while, what have you done to cope with this? Have you considered trying out additional ways to cope? How often are you able to visit one another? Might there be a way for you to visit more often? - Have you considered looking for jobs, internships, etc. in the US so that you could be closer to your boyfriend? - Are there any scholarships/fellowships you could apply for in your home country which would provide funding to pursue a degree in the US? - Are you willing to apply again next year? If so, have you thought about what you might be able to do until then to improve your applications? Don't despair and totally give up on your dreams and your relationship. If these are things you're committed to, you have to be willing to go through some struggles to pursue your dreams.
  9. Having second thoughts about grad school

    Ponying up $70K is a lot! Were you offered any funding at all? If you're having doubts, I would try to defer your most preferred option and decline then others. Then, reapply next year to try to get better funding OR try to find a job which offers tuition benefits. I wouldn't take on that kind of financial commitment if you're having any doubts.
  10. @jamj, if the supervisors don't spend as much time with their graduate students, will you really be able to live up to your potential?
  11. There are sooo many threads here on this topic. Have you tried using the search function? At least in your initial email, I would not ask if they're open to negotiating. Instead, you want to state your case. I also wouldn't send the other offer unless they ask for it.
  12. Questions to ask potential supervisor

    I would look at other threads on this site and see if there are any questions listed there that you still are wondering about. I would also not tell someone you're 98% sure you'll accept their offer and waiting. Just think about how that would make you feel if you were on the other side and receiving an email that said they were 98% sure they'd admit you but they're waiting to be sure.
  13. Lower-Ranked Ivy - Worth It?

    Honestly, no. The Brown name isn't well-known as even being part of the Ivy League outside of the northeast/mid-Atlantic states.
  14. Should I invite my advisor to my award ceremony?

    If you'd like your advisor to be there, invite them.
  15. U of Rochester VS Soas London

    I would follow the money.