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  1. Thank you all so so much! I really appreciate it - this really helps Im going to think about this the next few days and let you know what happens.
  2. Thanks both for your advice okay, should I do this before or after I speak to my current supervisor about switching? We have, we have always had issues from the start, I try to resolve it but shes never willing to compromise. Im one semester in, I just finished writing up my proposal and was going through the editing phase of it. So its not tooo late, it may have been better to do this a month ago but I just thought id be able to go through another year with her but i cant. I feel like theres too much emotional abuse... Some issues i may run into: 1. shes the director, ever
  3. Hi Everyone, I've recently decided to change supervisors due to the lack of understanding between us and personality differences. I think I would be better off with a few others in the department. Unfortunately, I think that this may cause some problems. My supervisor is the associate director of the program... My first choice for my new supervisor is actually on my thesis committee. I'm just wondering how to draft an email to ask if he could be my supervisor before I actually tell them. Any suggestions on how to formulate an email? Thanks!!!
  4. Hey, Y'all! Hope everyone is enjoying grad school life. I'm almost done my first year in my graduate program in Public Health and I feel as though I am not challenged at all. I'm not pushed in the ways that I thought I would be. Undergrad seems way more challenging than this is right now to be quite honest... at least throughout my bachelor's degree I was always learning something new, challenged in the way I think or see different issues in the world, forced problem solve using interdisciplinary thinking... stuff like that. Here I feel like I have been pigeonholed and limited in a way.
  5. Yup it was first week of May, and it was for Health Promo. Maybe Epi is different. Did you contact them about your status?
  6. Still on waitlist I guess. Haven't heard back from them since early May.
  7. Also, does anyone know if you received funding from a graduate program, would you be eligible for OSAP funding?
  8. Has anyone been admitted to the Masters of Science program in Public Health and health systems at Waterloo???
  9. Anyone going to Waterloo for the MSc in public health?
  10. For people who got into UofT health promotion, when is the deadline to accept?
  11. I got waitlisted for uoft MPH - health promo yesterday
  12. I just received an email from UofT MPP that I'm on the waitlist.
  13. Just the Health promo stream I think
  14. I believe it's on the website and I went to an admissions information session in the fall and they stated it there.
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