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  1. The grading system is different for different countries. I got into MPH in Canada with 63% in undergrad. It all depends on where you did your studies from. You can't compare Apple to oranges eh? So go ahead and apply
  2. I am so happy for you!! Congratulations I haven't yet heard back anything from them.
  3. I am waiting to hear back from Queens too. You put words to how I feel. Just waiting back for a decision from Queens to have some kind of closure. And very excited to meet you at western this September!! It will be so nice to out a face to all the forum members who are attending Western this fall.
  4. Sure Edit: Sorry I didn't realise its you!! I've added you to the group.
  5. Yes there is. Let's connect on fb and I will add you to it. ?
  6. Congratulations!!! See you in September if you decide to accept
  7. Me! I have not heard anything back too but it's from uoft epi. I am a little surprised that if it's a rejection why haven't they sent it out yet. Acceptances started rolling out in March for them. Have you tried contacting them?
  8. If anyone is going to western and looking for a roommate hit me up ?
  9. I emailed them yesterday and they replied that currently they have reached the required number of students. Also that in the past they have made offers right into july/late August due to applicants changing their minds. And that they will keep me informed if any spot opens up.
  10. Is there anyone who hasn't heard anything at all from uoft epi?
  11. People are getting into Uoft on a Sunday!! And I thought weekends were meant only to sleep.
  12. Congratulations!!! What is your deadline to accept the offer?
  13. Me too... Right now I'm just waiting for a rejection from them
  14. Have you tried contacting them?
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