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  1. CONGRATS!!!!! Wish you the best of luck with your program
  2. That's so exciting to hear! Yes, I will be attending Western and I am very excited about the placement opportunities as well. Very much looking forward to this next year. As for Queens, I just want them to close my application and let me know what the status is. If I get a refusal, then that's that but I will be declining if I get an offer
  3. I've had the same thing happen as well. Maybe we will hear back soon!
  4. On another note, congrats to everyone who is starting this year at a new program, and to everyone looking at the next year and starting your game plan for grad school submissions, good luck ❤️
  5. Hi! I have also yet to hear back from Queens. They placed me on their waitlist and I haven't heard from them since.
  6. I accepted UWO for a few reasons. I applied to 6 schools (U of T, McMaster, UWO, Queens, Waterloo, McGill) and so far have been waitlisted for Waterloo and Queens and refused at the rest. I expected this to happen since it's my first time applying to grad school, and in all honesty I don't want to apply again next year in hopes of getting into the rest of the schools. I got into a program that is good and I should attend. It's a program like everyone else. Only difference is that it's a year. Save for McMaster and Waterloo (MScPH), the rest are also non thesis, course based that also pro
  7. I've accepted Western this is very EXCITING
  8. I have a few friends currently in the SFU program, and they love it! Same with UBC. My co-worker graduated from her MPH about two years ago, and she had nothing but positive things to say. Congrats on both acceptances! The McGill MScPh looks great too. It would be a great change of scenery to live in Montreal. My co-worker is from there and had a great experience at McGill and in Montreal. I'm dreading the change of weather from west coast rain to the east snow but it would be nice to experience a different city.
  9. Yeah, I'm in the same boat. Hopefully within the next few weeks. Grad school acceptances are so odd. But at least the weather is getting nicer here on the west coast so there are plenty of activities popping up to occupy time with
  10. Hi! I emailed them myself and they let me know that I'm waitlisted. They didn't give me a rank
  11. McMaster - I haven't heard anything as of yet Waitlisted for Waterloo MscPH and Queens
  12. I'm also waiting for McMaster. For U of T, they sent their rejections about two weeks or so ago, so they're probably going through their waitlists! Hang tight!
  13. Has anyone heard if McMaster is still sending out acceptances?
  14. I second this, pros and cons spreadsheets
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