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  1. They replied to my email letting me know that I was on the waitlist. FYI for anyone else waiting on Memorial, I took myself off the waitlist since I've already accepted Lakehead, so maybe a spot will open up for the person who was next on the list after me!
  2. Just to add to that, I've had zero communication from Memorial. No rejection, no waitlist, no acceptance! I've emailed them to ask what's up but so far no reply... I agree, things seem to be slow this year.
  3. Nope, although I keep checking my email like a crazy person to see if anything has appeared...
  4. I don't know if there is a Facebook page, but I will be doing the MPH online at Lakehead too, with specialization in Indigenous Health. "See" you there!
  5. Anyone heard from Memorial, other than with a rejection?
  6. I live in Victoria and work fairly closely with some UVic public health/HSD people, and I deliberately applied elsewhere! I'm doing the MPH online too (not thesis-based though). My reasoning was that by keeping up my UVic connections at the same time as doing my MPH courses at a different university, I might be able to get a broader range of experiences and perspectives. However, I already work for the health authority so haven't had to worry about program reputation or CPHA ranking because the MPH for me will not be the determining factor in getting a job - so I can't comment from that angle.
  7. https://www.ualberta.ca/public-health/programs/professional-development/professional-certificate-in-public-health ?
  8. Lakehead, UVic and McMaster also offer a thesis option. And probably others I don't know about.
  9. The admissions committee met on April 12th to discuss applicants (at least, that was the plan...) and the program director said that they would be starting to send out results shortly after that.
  10. Yeah, I've totally geeked out and organized my course schedule for the next four years already too Now if they change the electives everything will be thrown into confusion!
  11. "See" you there! (I accepted the Indigenous & Northern Health stream too, but will be doing by distance as I'm in BC).
  12. Not sure if other places are the same, but after I accepted my spot at Lakehead I didn't hear anything either. I paid my deposit and after few days that payment showed up on my online application account, but it took about two weeks for Lakehead to actually acknowledge my acceptance via email or notification!
  13. Someone on here said they had until April 19th to accept their Lakehead offer (Nursing), so maybe that is the time after which they will send out another round of offers?
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