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  1. MPH_2018

    MPH Canada 2018

    Congrats!!! Do you mind sharing what rank you were? I am #9 and I still haven't got an offer.
  2. MPH_2018

    MPH Canada 2018

    Hi, I have also chosen Western Uni for MPH. See you there!
  3. MPH_2018

    MPH Canada 2018

    Hey, sorry about your experience. Don't be shy to give them a call, maybe that way you can get in touch with them. All the best!!
  4. MPH_2018

    MPH Canada 2018

    Hello everyone, Getting a little anxious here. I have been waitlisted at 3 schools and the waiting is rather difficult. I was going through the previous application cycles and I realized waitlisted applicants were getting offers by early to mid May. It seems like the admission process is slower this time. I haven't seen any posts on the forum lately about offers or any decisions in general. Has anybody on the waitlist at Gueens, Guelph or UofT-Health Promo heard back yet? I don't have hopes for UofT as its super competitive but I am a bit optimistic about the other two. All the best to everyone still waiting to hear back.
  5. MPH_2018

    MPH Canada 2018

    Anybody waitlisted at Guelph and Queen heard anything back yet?

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