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  1. I am in a bit of a pickle. I applied to two Masters programs and luckily I was accepted to both. The universities essentially offer the same program, with a large chunk of the curriculum taught through a centralized consortium. The issue I have now is a matter of funding, here are my two competing offers. University A) slightly better reputation than university B, $15,000 scholarship which I am "eligible" for requiring me to complete an application, wouldn't have a final decision with regard to funding until after decisions are due for university B. University B) offering a guarante
  2. I can only touch on #2. Most programs will take the higher grade you received in a class, so retake the class and get a higher mark, they'll take that. Better than 2 stats courses and the possibility of it decreasing your GPA and being detrimental to your application.
  3. I know UBC is a huge proponent of the practicum's being paid if this can be arranged with the agency that you're doing your practicum with. So I think that $2500 is largely there for students who don't get paid for their practicum work. $2500 is nothing though sadly especially if you stay in Vancouver!
  4. I had a prof in my undergrad who did the Lakehead MPH and she loved it! She said it was a really diverse group of people from all over the world with a wide array of backgrounds. I think that would be challenging to navigate through though. I'm uncertain of Waterloo's program!
  5. You and I are in similar positions in regards to our background and where we're applying! Do you mind if I ask where you applied last year? The MSc in PPH is more research oriented as opposed to practical. You have to complete a thesis/ research project where as in the MPH it's just a practicum. I would say the MSc would be more appealing if you're intending on pursuing a career in research/ academia as opposed to practicing as a public health professional, however, the MPH wouldn't completely discount you. In regards to funding, with the MSc, you would require a supervisor so therefore you ca
  6. I know that most schools require you have your undergraduate degree, submit a letter of intent, and 2-3 references who can speak to your academic ability. Most require a stats course that you took during your undergraduate degree but most have to be approved by the school so you may want to ask the schools that you're applying to. Becuase you're an international applicant you may also be required to write the GRE.
  7. In addition to UVic as someone mentioned Brock has an online program.
  8. Awe man, I may be misunderstanding as well! I think it's required if you're international! I might be the one running into issues upon application though. Looks like you were successful in your applications though! All the best
  9. The GRE at UBC is recommended however not required. They're a little iffy on this one I think on their admission criteria, so if you're undergrad stats course/background proves your quantitative ability from my understanding the GRE is not required.
  10. Hi all, I've been scoping out profs that I want to write an LOR for me. However, I'm wanting to apply to a few programs at least 3 maybe 4. I'm wondering if that is too many LORs to ask from one person or shall I say, three separate people. I'm guessing they'll just change who it is addressed too, however, I don't want to be a burden. Thoughts?
  11. Thanks @TakeruK my applications open in December, looking at a MSc in population and public health at UBC. I like your thought to wait until the fall! Don't want to be too eager.
  12. Hi all, I'm applying to one research-based program this fall (the other two I'm planning on applying to are professional). Therefore, I need a supervisor. However, how early is too early to scope out a supervisor and contact them via email? I've been looking online and I am hoping that the person I'm looking to supervise me agrees to it, however, I'm not sure if its too soon? When did you or would you suggest contacting a prospective supervisor? Cheers!
  13. From my research all the Canadian programs are closed! If you'd be open to an online program and starting in the Winter semester of 2018 so just four months later there is a master of health science program at Athabasca, not an MPH though (here's a link to the application deadlines http://fhd.athabascau.ca/apply/deadlines/ and from there you can scope out the program). Most Canadian programs open their applications up anywhere between October and December of the preceding year of admission and close their applications in mid-January (ie: applications open October 2017 and close January
  14. Congrats on the acceptance, they come out so late! Would you be willing to share your stats? Are you a newer nursing graduate?
  15. Thank you so much! This gives me hope, good luck with your studies. Cheers!
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