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  1. ChelMPH

    MPH Canada 2018

    Yes I turned Sask down also, so hopefully someone else gets good news!
  2. ChelMPH

    University of Waterloo Fall 2018

    Me too! I am so excited, I see you are in the West Indies? Which part?
  3. I have selected Waterloo to pursue my MPH, but this forum is open to anyone who is starting in Waterloo in the Fall 2018! Feel free to join, chat, and ask questions in this forum!
  4. ChelMPH

    MPH Canada 2018

    I have decided on Waterloo! See you guys in August
  5. ChelMPH

    USASK vs UWaterloo MPH

    Thank you! I think I want to end up moving to Alberta at the end of my program. I think Waterloo is going to be a better fit for me due to living situations! I am interested in working more for the government at the end of my program. Thank you for the input
  6. Hey guys! I have to decide by Monday which school I will attend. I know that both programs are great options, I would like to go to the school where in the end my degree is more accredited and I have better job opportunities! If anyone has some insight into either program please let me know
  7. ChelMPH

    MPH Canada 2018

    Thank you! I applied for Sask in the first week of November
  8. ChelMPH

    MPH Canada 2018

    Thank you much And I guess I have to start making a pros and cons sheet because I'm not sure where I want to go as of now
  9. ChelMPH

    MPH Canada 2018

    I was accepted to the University of Saskatchewan today via email and I have until May 1st to accept my offer, and rejected from University of Alberta yesterday via email...now it's decision time
  10. ChelMPH

    MPH Canada 2018

    No I have not heard anything as of yet!
  11. ChelMPH

    MPH Canada 2018

    Same...trying to be extra patient. Still haven't heard from U of A yet
  12. ChelMPH

    MPH Canada 2018

    Thank you for the information, that is what I'm assuming at this point too. But I'm sorry to hear about the reference letter, that's a huge bummer
  13. ChelMPH

    MPH Canada 2018

    Congrats on your acceptance! Still waiting on Saskatchewan also they sent me a generic email saying all decisions will be made by May 18th I believe...but it's very odd there hasn't been any movement or communication on the application...
  14. ChelMPH

    MPH Canada 2018

    Thank you! I am still waiting on Saskatchewan and Alberta (was top choice but from the looks of this thread I feel like I will be getting a rejection from Alberta) to make my final decision. But at this point I think I will end up accepting Waterloo as the program seems to be a good fit for me
  15. ChelMPH

    MPH Canada 2018

    2 weeks from the date offer was received

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