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  1. I'm sure you stand a good chance! Did you mention specific research interests in your personal statement?
  2. Oh nice! What stats and experiences are you applying with if you don't mind me asking.
  3. What is everyone's top choice if they get accepted (uni + stream)?
  4. Oh okay! Thanks! I shall wait a few more days (I submitted my application on Saturday).
  5. Anyone still waiting on registration info from UOttawa (to be able to login and submit the letter of intent, references etc)?
  6. I think you're definitely going to get in! Wow, your stats and experiences sound amazing!
  7. Thanks! Was that business days? Or including the weekend?
  8. Hey guys! How long after completing your online UOttawa application did you receive information for uoZone?
  9. Mines has! Has yours?
  10. Yay! I'm sure you killed it! When do you hear back?
  11. How was your interview?
  12. Yay!!! What educational background and experiences are you applying to UofT's Epi program with?
  13. Hey! Did you email them? I think it should be okay since your official transcript will be the same as your unofficial in terms of the information and its not like you forgot to upload a transcript.
  14. Heyyy! So i contacted Queen's MPH department and they need the electronic official transcript to be sent to their email grad.studies@queensu.ca for it to be accepted btw!
  15. To all of my fellow UofT undergrads, did you order eTranscripts (since paper transcript delivery has been suspended due to Covid-19).
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