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  1. Did anyone get off McGill’s waitlist by any chance ? Im just wondering if its been moving or not
  2. I got waitlisted by mcgill too, anyone knows how big is the waitlist usually ?
  3. Im so sorry 😞
  4. Mine is still in review but i have also assumed that its a rejection at this point tbh 😕 especially since so many got in already.
  5. Has anyone here applied to francophone universities like Ulaval or Udem ? Im wondering how long they usually take to answer
  6. Due to not being able to move currently, i only applied to McGill . I was wondering if not hearing from them was a good or bad sign right now. I keep telling my self that i might still have a chance since i wasn't yet rejected but is that even how it works ? is my file already in the bin and they just havent had time to let me know ? or are they keeping me aside in some sort of waitlist? i'm so anxious at this point, i have no more nails to bite
  7. i've been kind of obsessed with this lol but for McGill, it seems like in the previous years the latest people got acceptances was the beginning of March so i feel like if we don't get news this week, it's most likely bad news unfortunately
  8. Thank you so much ! Ill stop refreshing my uapply so often lol congratulations on getting accepted !!
  9. I really hope so too it might depend on when the deadline to accept the offers is for those who got an acceptance Im thinking they might be waiting for that to send out more answers, lets hope its March 1st or something
  10. Did anyone else hear from McGill Mscph by anychance? at this point i just want an answer, the wait is unbearable
  11. Thank you so much !
  12. Hi ! Anyone knows if responses are based on when you applied ? Im waiting for McGill and it still says in review. I saw that someone else got an acceptance already (congrats btw ! ) and wondering if that would be because they send acceptances first and rejections later or is it based on when ur file was complete ( one of my references submitted their letter super late)
  13. Thank you so much ! i think the stress is making me overthink everything at this point
  14. This is so discouraging 😭 i recently applied with a 3.74. Bsc at Mcgill in a ecological determinants of health (3.76 last two years) i’ve done 2 research projects and worked in market research for 2 years (not related to public health ) i specified in my application that i wanted to go into research and now im regretting it so bad
  15. Hi ! may i ask how it turned out ? Im having a similar issue with a mistake on my application but the info being on the cv and transcripts
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