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    Epidemiology, pharmacoepidemiology, pharmacovigilance
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  1. Great! Till when were you given to accept your offer?
  2. which program? I have applied to MSc HRM but haven't heard back.
  3. Yeah, this is right! I got the exact email last year and downloaded the document from my portal. Friday is almost here, where!!
  4. MPH or MSc?
  5. I can imagine. Good luck with your LSHTM application 🤞🏽
  6. That’s insanely weird!
  7. Oh, okay. I am an international applicant, MSc Epi (under review since February)
  8. MPH or MSc Epi? domestic or international?
  9. Haha yeah. Fingers crossed for us 🤞🏽
  10. I am actually a bachelors student. I applied for the V3, short term research/professional development. I applied last year and was ranked 4th. Did you apply last year?
  11. I’m also stopping my bus here lol. Waiting on FRQNT as well (V3, short term research grant). April 30 is such a long time!
  12. Hi I have applied for the FRQNT grant (V3). Awaiting the outcome by the end of the month.
  13. MSc or MPH? International or Domestic?
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