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  1. Hi all, This is my 2nd and last attempt at trying out for the PGS-D. Anyone applying this year?
  2. I am restarting my application again (for the final time) Let me know if anyone wants to be each others' pair of second eyes. ie. Read through proposal/personal statement.
  3. Does anyone know when they mention "Scholarship or prize obtained through a competitive process" : does it include scholarships that are automatically awarded to, say, top 10% of the cohort? Or are they referring to awards for which u need to apply, go through a competitive process to get it (like through interviews, selections? )
  4. Hello folks, Anyone starting on their FRQNT application for the next cycle? I read through the application and there were new criteria / new sections being added: namely: - (1) ability to present his/her background in an integrated manner - social mobilisation criterion Anyone have any suggestions or ideas on how to navigate the first one ? Is it similar to a statement of purpose ? Also, is it better to submit an application written in french ?
  5. Does anyone know how many times one can apply to FRQ bourses in phd? I know for nserc the 24 month mark would be the last time (ie. 2nd yr phd students) but i was just wondering if FRQ has the same rule.
  6. are international students and domestic students given equal chances? or does it work like OGS where only a small amount of scholarships are handed to international students?
  7. Ouch thats the worst thing, being one place behind the number of grants available. The lowest scoring shit was my dossier universitaire, i suspect my bachelor degree grades (gpa of 3.8/4) whereas everyone else have 4 out of 4... theres no way i can change my undergrad gpa. but i will try to improve on other areas. Thank you
  8. I was ranked 13 out of 20 in my committee and only 5 was offered. This was my first time applying... any advice or suggestions? I feel very dejected since I was just rejected from NSERC two days ago. I will be working on improving my application this summer... would appreciate any advice.
  9. yup all my eggs are in the FRQ basket now, since i got rejected from nserc this year. I dont think i will get anything this year given how competitive FRQNT is (i heard 25% success rate) at doctoral level... but we will know tomorrow before noon (as i was told when i emailed them)
  10. Im in statistics and just got my rejection letter... (not even waiting list)... im gonna go cry with my dog for abit but congrats all there was no ranking provided...
  11. you heard back already? congrats!!!
  12. my extranet is working fine too. on a side note, i hope its not the case where rejected peeps get notified last like i heard from previous years... i feel like this process is akin to slowly ripping off a bandaid from your skin instead of doing it swiftly. 😔
  13. Universite Laval and I havent heard anything yet...
  14. congrats!, do you mind sharing what changed significantly or what u think helped you the 2nd time round?
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