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  1. I am not sure if this week is when offers went out as well, but news about the waitlist went out today.
  2. I actually took more than a full courseload over my last two years. So I will contact them to see! Thanks for your help and same with @PsycUndergrad. I appreciate it!
  3. I got notified this morning that a decision for my CGS-M application was made. I thought this was weird since decisions normally aren't provided until April 1. However, when I checked my application, one of my schools deemed my GPA to not be a "first-class average." I am confused, as I saw online that it refers to a minimum of 80% in EACH of the last two years of undegrad. I far surpass this requirement. It then states on the CGS-M application that a "first-class average" is up to the host institution. So can anyone provide insight as to what the actual requirement is? I have applied 3 times for this grant, and not once have I ever been deemed ineligible by an institution, so I just find it weird. Also, if it happens that I was deemed ineligible by accident, is there any way to refute this decision? Any help with how to navigate this would be appreciated!
  4. Rejected from Western, which I already assumed since I didn't interview there. However, I was in contact with a professor earlier on who said we had a great fit and encouraged me to apply to their program. Would it be okay if I sent them an email asking how I can improve my application for next time?
  5. I feel the same way. This is my third time applying and I haven't heard anything either. Crossing my fingers for you!!
  6. When was the interview day? I didn't realize it was this soon as someone was just contacted by their POI last week.
  7. Is this for the Clinical developmental program at York as well?
  8. I was in contact with a PI before the submission of my application and they had highly encouraged me to apply to their program as they thought I would be a great fit in their lab. However, first round of invites have already gone out and I have heard nothing. Would it be okay to email them and ask them the status of my application? Or Should I talk to the grad administrator of the program?
  9. For the person who wrote on the results page that they were invited to the in-person interview at Western, can you PM me if it was a mass email? Thanks!
  10. To the person who posted on the results forum that they had a phone interview with a POI at Western, can you please PM me their initials? I would really appreciate it!
  11. Congratulations!! I am surprised how quiet this thread is compared to last year at this time. It is also very daunting with how the US Schools move a lot faster than Canadian. It is hard not to feel like "should I be hearing back too?" even though I know that the majority of Canadian schools do not start sending out invites until the new year. This is my third time applying, and I too, hope that I have learned some useful lessons from my past years. Hoping third time is the charm!!!
  12. For the CGS-M application through the NSERC Portal, under the identification section you are to choose 3 proposed host organizations. To identify these, you have to choose the organization (drop down menu), faculty (text box), and the Department/Division (drop down menu). So I am wondering in what context they are referring to for "faculty." Example Organization: The University of Toronto Faculty: (?) Department/Division: Applied Psychology and Human Development
  13. I am completing the CGS-M form and I was wondering in what context they are referring to when they ask for faculty within selecting the 3 school options?
  14. I am also interested how people are choosing which schools to include in the CGS-M application? Since most programs want you to indicate whether you have applied to funding/scholarships, I am worried about losing opportunities with the schools I have not selected on the application as I am applying to 6 schools.
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