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  1. According to the FRQSC website, it’s five years. From this past year’s rules: To be eligible, applicants must have been enrolled in doctoral studies for less than 5 years (the equivalent of 15 full-time terms) as of May 1, 2021. This includes all terms at the doctoral level including those in another discipline. Previous studies completed as part of a professional doctoral degree are excluded from this total. Applicants directly admitted to a doctoral program after their undergraduate studies and applicants who have fast-tracked to the doctoral level without obtaining a master's degr
  2. I’m sorry!! It is really unclear whether or not the Fonds has a waitlist. It looks like until 2015-2016 or so there were multiple rounds of acceptances for some scholarships, but nothing posted about this more recently: http://www.frqsc.gouv.qc.ca/fr/bourses-et-subventions/resultats-des-concours/resultats-des-concours-anterieurs
  3. The results page has been updated for 2022, with what looks like all levels of individual grant funding posted: http://www.frqsc.gouv.qc.ca/bourses-et-subventions/resultats-des-concours (And I was successful!! The category I was ranked lowest in two years ago was now ranked “exceptionnel,” so it really is all about the committee and how you frame your project and experiences.)
  4. Publications are part of the CCV and detailed contributions form, so they have to help (although I’m not entirely sure how much they are weighted compared to the proposal and justification of research environment). I’m waiting on the FRQSC.
  5. In my past applications (both successful and unsuccessful) for the FRQSC, I’ve always gotten an email on April 30 telling me to check the portal. The email doesn’t say anything else one way or the other. When you log into the portal and click on “my forms” after the results are posted, the box labeled “documents attached by the organization” becomes clickable and you can then download a document with your results and the success rate for your committee.
  6. Thanks! You, too! I did receive the doctoral scholarship, but I’m not sure how it compares to the federal competitions. I’m not a citizen, and applied unsuccessfully for the PBEEE for multiple years before they changed the eligibility rules for the regular Québec doctoral awards.
  7. Waiting here, too. 🤞This was my final chance to apply for the FRQSC postdoc. I...think I have a pretty good chance given my research experience and plan. (My first time applying, I was in the middle of my committee rankings, but didn’t yet have any publications out from my dissertation research.) But I’m also teaching a class in May, and all of the uncertainty is not helping me prep for anything! Fingers crossed, all!
  8. I’m waiting for another (non-Canadian) postdoc that is apparently usually several weeks behind its announced outcome schedule. Eek. At least the FRQ is usually regular about April 30, but I’m hoping I won’t have to make another extremely quick lease decision as in some past years.
  9. I received a rejection for the regular ACLS Fellowship on Tuesday. 55 projects funded out of ~1300 applicants.
  10. I’m going stir-crazy about postdoc applications. This is my second year on the job market since graduating and I’ve had sessional teaching jobs, but I really need something more stable and focused on developing my research. I know I likely won’t hear back from the major programs until late March through late April, but I’m having a hard time focusing now.
  11. For when the end of April can’t come quickly enough... This is my second time applying for the postdoc (applied in 2019 when I hadn’t yet graduated and when all of my publications were still “pending”). I previously received the doctoral scholarship. I have a lot of other job and postdoc applications out, but it would be awfully convenient not to have to move during a pandemic... Does anyone know why the Fonds wait so long to announce? April 30 is awfully late for people who need to renew leases (or find new places), make travel plans, rearrange their work schedules, etc. Especially
  12. Anyone else waiting on any of the ACLS fellowship and grant programs? I applied to the central fellowship program (which this year was reserved for untenured researchers).
  13. Thanks! I do really feel like parts of my application really improved since last year, although of course I would prefer to have the funding. I’ve got a few other proposals out there in Canada and elsewhere, so I guess we’ll see what the FRQSC says in April...
  14. Rejected here, too. Significantly better ranking than last year (and eligible on all criteria), but still no dice.
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