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  1. I emailed NSERC and got this reply: " Hello, We were just informed that the results will be available by the end of the month." I guess we probably won't hear the results until the last week of April. We have to wait another two weeks...
  2. How did you get this information? Did you reach out to NSERC?
  3. Hey there! I have 3 first authors (1 journal, 2 conferences), and 1 co-author (journal), I was in UW from 2017-2019. That's funny we might have ran into each other at UW . Yes I am a PR. you too? I'm applying to FRQnt too, but I guess we have to wait until the very end of April for that
  4. Hi everyone, While we're waiting here (hopefully not for too long), I thought we can share our profile so can get to know each other and see who's in the same committee. I'm a 1st year PhD student at McGill, and doing research in power systems planning, my committee would be Electrical and Computer Engineering. I had one year experience before starting the program, 3 publications, and high GPA (undergrad in Egypt and Masters in Waterloo). Best of luck to everyone here
  5. That's a good sign! I guess it means the delay last year due to COVID-19 is not affecting these year's results for the CGS-M, and, hopefully, for the CGS-D as well
  6. I really hope so. They're releasing this year's masters awards on April 1st, so maybe that's a good indication. Does anyone know when did they release last year masters awards? Is there any correlation between the announcement date of the two?
  7. I emailed NSERC today and here is their reply: "Hello, They are expected to be released in April. Unfortunately that is all the information I have at this time. Sincerely," I would guess we'll have to wait another 3-4 weeks. Oh well..
  8. The wait is terrible! I know they won't announce the results until mid-April, but I've started to check the portal almost everyday!
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