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  1. Got my letter too, probably they're releasing them in batches similar to the offer letter. For context, Committee 197, ranked 13/72, was offered CGS-D.
  2. Committee 197, Electrical Engineering. Last name starts with A, also first name with A, so I'm probably at the very top of the names list. Edit: Haven't received an email notification from NSERC yet.
  3. Thank you! Last starts with A, so maybe it's alphabetical this year..
  4. Results are out on the portal!! Got CGS-D!! Best of luck everyone!
  5. Back in the days, I got my high school diploma from Egypt. High school degree final exams are nation-wide exams, where essentially you compete with every one in the country to get into a good university. They would say the results should be released by next week, without any specifics. Then, all of a sudden, results are announced on their website. Because every high school student in the country logs in the same time, the system would crash. This happened consistently every year. Up until this week, I thought Egypt had the worst possible results notification system. NSERC proved m
  6. Anyone got NSERC and heard back from McGill?
  7. Honestly, it's a shame! They create a portal to submit the application (which should be secure), then they create another portal to receive the results, not sure why the need for a second portal in the first place, and it's not even linked to the first portal. What really kills me is that they publicly announce the name of recipients afterwards..
  8. As we're heading into the last phase of this process, a couple of advices based on reading last year's thread (Maybe someone who applied last year can also comment): 1- The process of sending emails and results in the extranet system is slow and is not at the same time for everyone, just wait a bit and you'll get it. 2- The results appear in a random order (at least last year). They don't seem to follow an alphabetical order, committee order, or even award result (Successful or not). It's just random. Not worth it to have the mini-heart attack and develop all the theories on the order
  9. I will (try to) convince myself it's on April 30 and not before, maybe it'll help reduce the anxiety and dreadful wait. I doubt the plan will work though
  10. Got it as well. At least now we know it's April 30. Here we gooo!!
  11. "now is not the time for fear, that comes later". I think we are now in the "later" part. It's approaching guys! Best of luck to everyone:)
  12. I emailed NSERC and got this reply: " Hello, We were just informed that the results will be available by the end of the month." I guess we probably won't hear the results until the last week of April. We have to wait another two weeks...
  13. How did you get this information? Did you reach out to NSERC?
  14. Hey there! I have 3 first authors (1 journal, 2 conferences), and 1 co-author (journal), I was in UW from 2017-2019. That's funny we might have ran into each other at UW . Yes I am a PR. you too? I'm applying to FRQnt too, but I guess we have to wait until the very end of April for that
  15. Hi everyone, While we're waiting here (hopefully not for too long), I thought we can share our profile so can get to know each other and see who's in the same committee. I'm a 1st year PhD student at McGill, and doing research in power systems planning, my committee would be Electrical and Computer Engineering. I had one year experience before starting the program, 3 publications, and high GPA (undergrad in Egypt and Masters in Waterloo). Best of luck to everyone here
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