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  1. I don't think CGS-D/PGS-D can be used for a Master's program -- from my knowledge they are degree specific. However, there is a master's award called CGS-M that is for your master's. I would recommend getting your CGS-M first as it will really help you get a doctoral level award later. Also -- If you start with a 1-year CGS-M, then transition to a PhD and you're awarded a 3-year CGS-D you will have 4 years of funding rather than just the 3 from the CGS-D.
  2. I had the same experience, however I didn't hear back from my institution until November 19th ish and I had two or three days to make changes before it was sent to NSERC. Most universities will have an application timeline somewhere online. I've included UWaterloo's -- hopefully it helps ease some anxieties!! https://uwaterloo.ca/graduate-studies-postdoctoral-affairs/current-students/external-awards/waterloos-nserc-doctoral-pgscgs-timeline
  3. I found this in the NSERC PDF forum! Looks like 42% really was the cut off. So, if you're close to 42% you likely only need one person to reject their award. https://www.nserc-crsng.gc.ca/_doc/Students-Etudiants/2020StatsScholarships_e.pdf
  4. The only crux is that both CIHR and SSHRC have published their recipient list, it's only NSERC that is late with their release. Has anyone been in contact with them?
  5. Has anyone heard back about waitlists from NSERC yet? They still haven't published the recipient list while SSHRC has... so I'm thinking something is up!
  6. Thank you!! Good luck -- I hope everyone gets their results soon!!
  7. I was awarded PGS-D in committee 194!
  8. Received at 12:53 pm last name "M"
  9. I also haven't heard anything!
  10. Awesome, thank you so much for sharing! Did they e-mail you today / directly?
  11. At this rate, we will have our snail-mailed rankings before our competition results 😂. I also haven't heard anything, I hope you're right with tomorrow!
  12. Easter Monday is a federal stat holiday -- so I think we can all exhale, knowing we wont hear anything until tomorrow at the earliest!
  13. Has anyone else heard back from NSERC / SSHRC / CIHR or their university admin? I was hoping for today -- because the results were given on a Friday last year (tomorrow being a stat holiday).
  14. I haven't heard anything either! Vanier applications are ran through ResearchNet sand C/PGSD is ran directly through the NSERC website... so I'm still keeping positive. There is enough of us on here that ~42% of us should have good news to share when there is news!
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