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  1. Being sent out for my final kick at the can. See you all in April for the panic party.
  2. In the same boat. Hard to put it out of your mind! Does anyone know how often shortlisted people actually get the awards? I'm just not sure whether it's worth me keeping an eye on things since I didn't get an email when the files were posted to my account.
  3. Last name 'S', just got news I was not awarded PGS-D. Good luck to everyone else.
  4. Can we clarify whether it was good news or bad news? Just curious if it's an awardee first thing or an all at once thing.
  5. We're in this together!
  6. Someone must be taking sick pleasure in knowing a bunch of PhD students have been wracked with anxiety for days. My night of sleep just make me bitter and annoyed that so many of us on this ride will get bad news today. Good vibes to all!
  7. I'm sure we all qualify at this point. Congrats on your 'behind the scene' good news btw!
  8. I think that was the issue then. We were refreshing during the folder being added or something.
  9. That also could be it. Maybe it just coinsided with my browser crashing. Are you also an 'S'? If so we are deeply in this together.
  10. It looked automated rather than an actual reply. Here's the verbatim email: Dear Crawn: This e mail contains information regarding your access to the NSERC Extranet site for applicants. As a previous user of an NSERC extranet, please use your existing account information to login. Your Username is: crawn@obsessedwiththefolder.com If you have forgotten your password, select Forgot my Password on the login page. To access the extranet site, go to https://influence.nserc-crsng.gc.ca/100006/1000/L013/P001.aspx. Technical support Contact the On-line Services
  11. I emailed them about the problem and within 10 mins got a reply that told me to go through the 'forgot password' option. It worked and I can now obsess over my empty folder with everyone else.
  12. My browser crashed and now the site is giving me an error saying I am already signed in. GAH! Cracking into the beer to wash away my sorrows.
  13. Drinking the pain away now. The hangover is for tomorrow when I'm dead from rejection anyway 😅
  14. Like others, I'm guessing they will roll out the files (i.e. acceptance/rejection letters) in the same slow alphabetical order everything else has followed. I'll be staying tuned for the results of everyone above 'S'.
  15. For real. @AlphaBetta 12 is the MVP of this thread.
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