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  1. Hello neighbour! Please do let me know if you end up receiving an award Some people said that they got flat out rejected (didnt have that last line about remaining on a short list of alternates. I have a friend that I think was ranked 121st and it included that line. I think probably close to 100 people got it, and about to 125 is waitlist. Again just speculation from my advisor from his past experiences. I was ranked 55 in research potential (I have one second author paper and one paper under review where I'm in the middle of the pack), and a 57 in experience. Highly frustrated with th
  2. It is 10000000% still worth completing your degree. You are CLEARLY so so so capable. You have so many other things to be proud of and 198 is Comp Sci right?! Its a tough area to be in, remember that even if you didnt get it, being forwarded to this level still puts you with the top 5-10% of people in your cohort!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know things look grim right now, but take tonight to grieve and be sad, and use this as motivation for the future. I believe in you and I'm proud of all your accomplishments listed and MORE!
  3. If enough people post their scores maybe we can find out haha
  4. Did yours say you are on a waitlist? Im assuming so since you would be ahead of me!
  5. Commitee 187 - just in, Rank 109/227. Seems like I'm waitlisted. Anyone know what the cutoff was?
  6. Did you just get it? Maybe its still uploading
  7. I have no idea. I called this morning and they have no explanation as to why we haven't gotten our results yet...
  8. Same boat - my folder is still empty. What committee are you apart of? This seems to be localized to people in 187 molecular and cellular biology
  9. Any of the 187s from yesterday who didn't receive results - any luck yet?
  10. Guess I'll just force myself in a lorazapem-induced sleep.
  11. Guess we are all SOL lol..... wtf......
  12. you and me both this fucking sucks
  13. Are we all 187 waiting? Or different committees?
  14. Just tried to call, they are closed until tomorrow. So lets hope we hear before midnight
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