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  1. Unfortunately, I didn't receive any. I was not 100% sure but really hopeful for this award. I personally feel this competition is more about how you convey your idea and how your proposal is valuable to the real world rather than publications. I have a very good number of papers published in good venues, however, I felt my research proposal might not up to the mark. My department notified me about this award before a week of the deadline (That time I first heard about CGS-D/PGS-D). And, hence I personally feel I couldn't get enough time to make it perfect. Moreover, I have also not focused mor
  2. So sorry about that. better luck next time. Would like to know your first three digits of original application code. Can you please share that?
  3. So sorry about that. Better luck next time. Do you mind sharing first two digits of your application code?
  4. Sorry about that. Can you please share your code starts from?
  5. Today, anyone heard anything so far ?
  6. I somehow feel, I might have to wait for tomorrow. The session might ended for today.
  7. Congratulations! And your application number?
  8. Okay. Thanks. Mine starts with 57. Still waiting.
  9. Awesome!! Good luck for your future endeavours!
  10. Congratulations!!! I am still waiting. Can you elabroate more about your application?
  11. The way we all are seeing the results came out, it looks like only person is uploading all the results. If they got around 1500 applications an if they have allocated that to 10 peoples, then probably each has to upload 150. Is it really time consuming to upload the result on web portal ???? This makes me realize thow important automated process is
  12. If you dont mind, can you tell me are you from which University? And are you in Masters or PhD?
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