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  1. Same here. Got CGS-D but nothing offered for FRQNT.
  2. I was also ranked 8th in my committee and only 5 scholarships were offered. Also curious about waitlists. I imagine some people would decline FRQNT for NSERC? Also wondering if submitting the application in English could be a disadvantage.
  3. I noticed that in the award letter they ask not to make any announcement until they make the official one. Do you guys know when that could be?
  4. The updated time says 4:58 PM
  5. Just received CGS D - committee 201. Last name starts with B and ID with 57
  6. I'm in committee 201 (civil engineering) and still haven't gotten anything yet too
  7. anyone from committee 201 (civil engineering) has received their results?
  8. Alright thank you for your reply!
  9. Hi all, I'm starting a phd program in the US this fall and I am exploring FRQNT and NSERC doctoral scholarships opportunities for 2021-2022. My understanding is that you cannot hold both the awards. However, the FRQNT has an exception for students outside of Quebec whose tuition fees are greater or equal than the award itself but must not be covered by other organizations. My tuition fees are higher than the cost of this award but are usually waivered by my university as I hold a TA/RA position. However, I did some research online and from a few LinkedIn profiles it seems that some people
  10. Hi turburka! I am currently in the same situation. I did some research online and I noticed that some people did in fact receive both for phd studies in the US, assuming that most phd positions include a tuition waiver. Were you able to get both? Thanks.
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