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  1. Thanks jakeopolis! I am guessing you are in Quebec, but maybe you (or someone else) can answer this: it seems that there is an exception in which case cumulation of the two scholarships is allowed and that is for students outside of Quebec whose tuition fees are greater than the FRQNT scholarship (Sec 3.5.6 in guide). It is not clear for me however, because it says after that "The tuition fees must not be reimbursed by any other organization". Does any organization includes the advisor/graduate school? My tuition fees are covered by my advisor/school.
  2. Hi all, I was fortunate to receive both the NSERC PGD3 and FRQNT B1 (I am in the US) scolarships. It seems that while NSERC does not care, FRQNT does not allow to have both although they have some exceptions which are not totally clear to me. I was wondering if anyone has been in this situation and can offer any advice? Thanks
  3. Another no... Anybody knows what the pgs D# numbers mean? Mine says D3, but I am in my first year as a PhD student (in the US).
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