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  1. Are you stating two scores over two years, or were you able to apply to multiple committees?
  2. Hi, I thought I would start a thread for my Ontario peers who may be gunning for the annual OGS scholarship and are awaiting acceptances or wait list as I am now. It is a little different since these are distributed by the university's so may have variance in reward timings. Reporting from uOttawa, nothing yet but I was told to expect mid to late April.
  3. Hey fella, if it helps you feel better I am uOttawa Mech Eng, and nothing ! Let's hope we hear good news soon, it seems as this point it will be all via mail.
  4. I think it results may be distributed be by institution. I formed this opinion on the basis that no one from UoT has chimed in, the single largest receiver of C/PGS-D awards. I myself am from uOttawa, and no one I have spoken to have heard back as of yet. If anyone else can vouch or refute my opinion it would be appreciated
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