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  1. There were 1700 applicants last year. Something like 390 got CGS and 320 got PGS. The numbers are not exact. You can lookup the results from prior years.
  2. Has anyone heard anything from committee 198?
  3. Yes, I seen that after your post that mentioned twitter/linkedin. This is why I was asking.
  4. Is there a rule that we are not supposed to publicly announce we are winners (with our actual name) until the final results are released? I thought I read this somewhere. (if we get the scholarship)
  5. Its set for every 5 min. Not a short refresh interval. I just get notified every 5 minutes to resubmit the form.
  6. https://www.nserc-crsng.gc.ca/NSERC-CRSNG/committees-comites/programs-programmes_eng.asp
  7. I think the folder modified date should change.
  8. I got an auto-refresh extension for chrome. 🙂
  9. Sorry to hear this! I hope that you can apply again next year!
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