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  1. Yes the health promotion stream.
  2. I received a rejection from Mac, but accepted at Western and Waterloo. Waiting to hear back from UofT. Last year when I applied, I received a rejection from UofT in May. But let's see what happens this year!
  3. Just checked my quest portal for Waterloo too and received an offer!
  4. My deadline to accept is by May 15.
  5. Still showing the same thing in my student center portal as well. I believe the update will come in a couple days, after which we should be able to accept/reject there.
  6. I graduated from UofT in 2019.
  7. It hasn't been updated yet and still shows 'Applied'.
  8. Yes, I heard back via email and they said they would add the letter offer to the online student centre portal shortly. My letter was dated 'April 1', so I believe the acceptances might be going out in batches (not 100% sure though).
  9. I'm still waiting to hear back from Waterloo MPH (online) and UofT Health Promotion as well before I make my decision.
  10. I just got an acceptance to Western's MPH program about 5 min ago!
  11. Same, just got the same email as well.
  12. Is this what you are also seeing from your end? I have seen this on my end for a couple weeks now, but no changes/updates as of yet.
  13. I also applied to Mcmaster, UofT, Waterloo online MPH, and Western, but have yet to hear updates from any of these programs also.
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