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  1. April 15th is fast approaching and I still can't pick a place! I'm deciding between full guaranteed funding at an OK school (but with a few red flags) vs trying to find funding every year at a top program. I thought I was going to go to the fully funded program, but all my advisors told me to they'd go with the school with the best training, even at the expense of research productivity. My goal is to (hopefully) become an academic in the field. Any thoughts on this? Opinions would be highly welcome!
  2. I also got into UNC, and just by looking at the number of professors/how large the school is - I think you'll be able to get an RA/TAship somewhere for your 4 years there. But yeah, UNC is too good of a school not to guaranteed any funding... Getting training grants would be substantially better though, because the stipend for RA/TAs are so tiny (7.8k per semester). I'm sure Chapel-Hill is cheap, but isn't that too tight for any place? :/
  3. Thank you so much! I have definitely not thought this through. This is super helpful. Thanks!
  4. I'm actually also international, and also got into UW where I need to secure funding for myself. Sorry for the ignorance, but aside from international student's being not eligible for NIH training grants, what other limitations do we have on funding? Can we not be on RA-ships when the funding is from federal funding mechanisms? Can we TA? Does it depend on the school? Thanks guys, obviously a little clueless here. :/
  5. My understanding is that the notifications just come when they come, and there is no mass email for all those accepted and all those waitlisted. We could expect to hear back as early as next week, or as late as 2 weeks. I could be wrong though.
  6. I just reached out to University of Michigan Epi, and they said we should be hearing back within the 2-3 weeks, and it seems as if the notification process is staggered. So if you see any early acceptances and haven't heard back, all hope is not lost!
  7. I haven't heard back! Though I think it's a soft reject because some people have already gotten interviews/acceptances from Brown. I actually forgot that I was still waiting for their decision, in my head I've stopped counting Brown as a potential school lol.
  8. Congrats! Anxiously refreshing my email for news lol. Any idea when official acceptance is coming out?
  9. I also just got denied by Harvard, wasn't a great fit anyway. Ugh, still no fully-funded acceptances at hand - and the waiting continues.
  10. I am! I'm also interested in ID epi, has anyone else from ID epi heard back from UNC?
  11. My email is so quiet... i would have expected more communication from schools this late in February. :/
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