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  1. Was it in the portal under the financial aid tab, or did it come in the letter?
  2. People who were accepted at Drexel - when did you receive your funding information?
  3. Does this mean they’re waiting on their first round selections to say no, and that everyone else is on the waitlist?
  4. Any word from Michigan? They said we’d be hearing back the first week of March and I’m losing my mind waiting!
  5. Hi there! I WISH it was my post but I wanted to let you know that I haven’t heard anything either. It looks like it was just one person so maybe they’re sending them out piecemeal.
  6. Anyone accepted/considering UT Houston? I got my acceptance today but was interested in chatting about other people’s experiences with the acceptance process. Did people have interviews? Did anyone receive funding? They say you have to commit before they’ll tell you about funding, which seems fishy. Anyone know if they’re typically able to provide funding to most students?
  7. Yeah, it seems more like a technology problem. I use the same link every time. Half the time it works, half the time it doesn’t. Thanks though!
  8. Does anyone else have trouble wjith the JHU web portal? Half the time I see a login option and half the time I don’t.
  9. Did they say “attendance at” wasn’t a key factor or “invitation to”? I thought their Doctoral Day was their equivalent of an interview so assumed it was pretty important. That’s great news if I was wrong!
  10. Not just you! Rejections: Pittsburgh, Washington Interview: Michigan Nada: Berkeley, Hopkins, Columbia, SLU, Drexel - though at this point I’m assuming no contact feom Hopkins and Drexel is pretty telling
  11. I assume it’s this: https://thegradcafe.com/survey/index.php?t=n&pp=250&o=&p=1
  12. Same! FAFSA for a phd program doesn’t make any sense. My 2016 income would be irrelevant if I’m a full-time student.
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