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  1. This was actually great and extremely helpful. Thank you very much!
  2. Hey! That is great advice and I hope to discuss that with him in the future! However, I am about to start graduate school so I don't really know him very well yet and it just feels like a weird thing to discuss over email...
  3. Hello, I have been accepted for one of the top graduate schools in Art History for the Fall 2018 (of the so-called 'Big Three). However, I am currently having a lot of doubts regarding my field. Having taken a couple of history seminars, I am more and more certain that a program in history would suit me better. While I do understand that one can do very 'historical' work as an art historian, I think that I would rather be trained as a historian in a history department. I have already accepted the offer. My question is: how easy would it be for me to change to a different program hav
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