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  1. Hey! I was wondering if there are any people currently attending or who have been accepted to UMN’s Cultural Studies/Comp Lit department. How is the program? What is living in Minneapolis like?
  2. History of Science applicants

    Hey! I do history of psychoanalysis and psychiatry (and their intersections) with a focus on how categories of disability are constructed, and additionally how psychoanalysis has developed in conversation with natural scientific discourses. I applied to five programs and have been accepted to two, still waiting on Chicago CHSS. Has anyone heard anything from them?
  3. 2018 Acceptances

    Hi all, I'm a lurker but was accepted off of the waitlist at UMN for Comparative Studies in Discourse and Society today!!! I switched from Cultural Studies to History and Philosophy of Science (doing an HPS MA right now), but applied to UMN because the vibe of the program and people who work there have always been really attractive to me, so I figured I'd apply to one Cultural Studies program this time around. I truly didn't think I'd be accepted -- congrats to the other admits as well!
  4. Fall 2018 Applicants

    Ok I also received news I was accepted to UCSD History + Science Studies today, I never thought I would have an actual decision to make. Now just waiting on Chicago CHSS. Good luck to everyone, hopefully we'll all get good news this week!
  5. Fall 2018 Applicants

    In sort of unrelated positive news, I was just accepted off of the waitlist for Minnesota’s Comparative Studies in Discourse and Society PhD! It was the only “cultural studies” type program I applied to, which was my field before gravitating towards HoS/STS.
  6. Fall 2018 Applicants

    @TheHessianHistorian Yeah that's true. I'm worried because there's one acceptance reported on the results board but it doesn't say if it's a POI or official acceptance. And from what people told me after I talked to them about the interview, it sounded like the interview itself may implied I had a good chance or would be admitted or something? I'm just freaking out, it's been radio silence since then. But I will hold off on asking them about the status of the application. At any rate I'll probably hear by next week for sure. :/
  7. Fall 2018 Applicants

    If I had an extremely positive interview with my POI shortly after my application was received, is it okay at this point to check in to see when admissions decisions are expected to be rolling out? I don't want to be annoying, but they did tell me I could email them with any other questions I had at anytime. And realistically I should have asked during the interview but I was very nervous : p
  8. Doubts and Alternatives

    @TheHessianHistorian I should hire you to do my genealogy!
  9. Fall 2018 Applicants

    @telkanuru is USN a mostly useless ranking? I ask because I’ve been freaking myself out with it. There’s a program I am thinking of attending that is rated -ok- on USN but I’d also not only be in the History department, but also in the interdisciplinary HPS/STS program which seems to consistently place its students well.
  10. Fall 2018 Applicants

    Was anyone in this forum the UCSD admit? Was it an official admit or via a POI?
  11. Fall 2018 Applicants

    Is it necessary to respond to an impersonal notification of being waitlisted? How would one go about wording that? I couldn't find any threads about this, I hope I'm not repeating an often-answered question.
  12. Fall 2018 Applicants

    @CBC To my knowledge Princeton's History dept doesn't do interviews. Both the History and HoS programs should be sending out decisions by next week, or maybe the following Monday, I think.
  13. Let’s just TALK about it...

    Did you apply to Princeton's HoS department? It's my best fit and I'm dying waiting for the decision.
  14. Doubts and Alternatives

    I’m truly sorry, I didn’t mean to sound offensive. I can see why i would have. I’m really sorry and I don’t really know what else to say. I was both agreeing with you and adding to what you were saying. I am not putting on confusion, I swear. I’m really sorry. :/
  15. Doubts and Alternatives

    I'm not in disagreement with anything you're saying. I agree that academics, especially in the humanities, are underpaid. I'm just pointing out that life outside of academia isn't a guarantee of an easier, more flexible life (at least in terms of labor). I'm not quite sure why what I said was taken as if I were being defensive or combative -- I really wasn't. I'm not sure what to do here. Just going to distance myself from this thread because it's stressing me out.