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  1. I've been off GC since last year's cycle, but wanted to check in and see how everyone's faring. @Pnwonder and @Gradbean I know UW-Madison just had our Welcome Days, and I see you both have some tough choices to make, but if I can answer any other questions for you, please let me know!! Way to go, everyone! It's almost over! đŸ˜¬
  2. Thanks, @StamfordCat; this explains why no one's corrected me: seems to be an "as long as you're consistent" situation. I'm not doing data-heavy work yet, so I'll stick with what I know for now, and then ask my profs.
  3. Hi folks, I know it's decision season (congrats everyone!), but I have a quick and unrelated question. I'm just finishing up the first year of my PhD in comp/rhet, having switched over from a different field; I'm sitting here writing a paper and realized I don't actually know what the standard citation style is for this field? I've been using MLA as that's what I've always used, and though no one's ever said anything, I'm not sure if that's right. Looking over articles I've read this year, I can't recognize the difference between Chicago and APA. If it's Chicago, is it author/date
  4. Ok, just about to formally accept my offer from UW-Madison! This process has been something else, and I'm so glad it's over. Best wishes to everyone here with grad studies/whatever else you end up doing!
  5. I know on the Rhet/Comp thread the other day I said I'd probably only wait until the 1st, but that's so soon! Madison has said that's when they prefer to hear by (though I officially have until the 15th) and while I would be really happy to go there, my feelings about Pittsburgh are strong enough that I want to wait it out. Here's hoping they put me out of my misery (one way or the other) soon.
  6. @Wabbajack I'm telling myself that I'll wait until the first, but we'll see how I'm feeling when I get there. On the one hand I just want it to be over, but on the other I want to know what all my options are before I commit.
  7. Hanging in there! I'm still awaiting news of waitlist movement before I make any final decisions, and it's starting to feel like I will never be done waiting.
  8. Basically: I am very appreciative of the adcomm's consideration, but I have decided to enroll in a different program which better suits my needs and interests.
  9. I read Lilith's Brood for a sci-fi class during my M.A. and I LOVED IT. And I'm not usually into sci-fi.
  10. I just gritted my teeth and did it. I knew I wasn't going to end up there, so there was no point waiting. And I do feel better knowing I'm one step closer to a final decision.
  11. Just officially declined my spot at Ohio State, which was terrifying as I haven't made a solid decision yet! Well, my decision was that OSU isn't right for me... My area was gender studies/theory, if that helps anyone!
  12. I'm having this same feeling. I am pretty sure (99.99%) that I will not be attending one of these schools, even if I don't get off a waitlist at a different program. But it seems very scary to decline before I've made a final decision. On the other hand, I want to maybe help out some folks on the waitlist at this school. I'm just gonna have to go for it, I guess.
  13. I understand, @sheriberi! Traveling with cats is so stressful (but worth it!). Whenever you need to have your cat out of the carrier, just be sure to keep the leash around your wrist and have a good hold on your cat. Have you tried putting the harness on your cat yet? With my younger cat it works as a 'calming vest' by which I mean he basically stops moving until we take it off again.
  14. @sheriberi I wasn't too worried about the plastic snapping, and one of my cats is very strong. Also, I don't think there was ever a time where I was really relying on that bit of plastic -- we carried them through security, and the rest of the time they stayed in their carriers. (Though of course we kept the leashes attached, just in case either of them decided to do a runner.)
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