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  1. Can confirm that UOregon offers a $13,500 stipend, tuition remission, and health insurance to all its incoming graduate students.
  2. FWIW, I know people who have done MAPH and it doesn't sound worth it. Expect a cohort of nearly 100 (imagine how many acceptances they initially sent out) and the above-articulated issues of timing (gap years). During my first round of apps I was offered a spot in the MAPH program and the money (plus moving and cost of living) just made it a hard pass for me. Like truly, that tuition tag is criminal. Next year I applied after bettering my application and got in to my top choice. I think nine months is better spent garnering zero debt and bettering your app. I also think MAPH preys on shut-outs
  3. Chiming in re: Oregon. I live in Eugene and have friends in the program. 5 years of funding are guaranteed, with amazing health benefits. Full tuition remission with stipends around 13/14k. Obviously, it could be different this year, but I doubt it. This has been their package for awhile. Good luck!
  4. Hey @bigfluffybearcat! Nothing like making a major life decision right at the wire, eh? From what I can tell from your post, Penn still seems like the best option for you. The biggest indicator to me has less to do with timing and money then it does with your feelings about the program. It sounds like UW doesn't offer the classes, support, and environment you need. And those are the most crucial deciding factors. Like, hands down. Plus, Penn allows you to keep the prestigious government-aided funding and take the year to transition. It seems like all UW has to offer is the same amo
  5. I've officially accepted at Pitt! It was my top choice, so I felt confident signing on the dotted line before a visit. Now I'm reading up, looking at apartments, and gearing up for a biggie transition this summer. Wut wut!
  6. Thanks for your response @a_sort_of_fractious_angel. The visit isn't until the end of March, so I'm just feeling super itchy eager. But I decided today, over a burrito and beer, to just wait until after the visit to officially accept. Because, broom closets and 3-headed dopplegangers!
  7. Question for y'all! My Pitt visit is all planned and in the books. Since it's a top choice, I was pretty confident I would accept, but decided to wait on one other school. Well, I heard from said school today (a no go). So, now I'm 100 percent on Pitt (yay!). Is it a faux pas to go through the formal acceptance before visiting? Or should I hold off until after I visit, since that time/money is usually allocated as recruitment. Thanks for your help!
  8. Congrats on the Pitt waitlist! And for having all your results in. Do you know which way(s) you're leaning? Perhaps one of us should start a decisions thread...
  9. For those waitlisted at Oregon State (MA) I just declined my spot. Here's hoping it opens up for one of y'all! I also plan to decline my spot at UC Riverside, if anyone is waitlisted there too.
  10. edit. i graduated college 12 years ago. that's how old i am. jesus.
  11. RE @WildeThing I think the risk we all take here on GC is that of presumption/assumption. We don't know each other's lives, though we all share something very personal in common. That's all a preamble. And an apology, if we've overstepped. For what it's worth (the general motto of GC), I'm 34. I will be 40 when I'm done with my program. I've been married, divorced, came out the proverbial closet, had the wrong job many times. And my bank account is... how do I say this... it needs a protein shake or two. This is all to say, the mistakes and fuck-ups in my life, the setbacks, haven't
  12. Hey all. I hope I don't overstep, but I wanted to reach out as I went through a shut-out season last year. IT SUCKS. It's like going through a break up but then also your dog runs away. I'll keep rooting for you, but if you do find yourself without acceptances, then here's what I did (caveat, every human is a different human and needs to do things their own way so you do you). I gave myself some months off. I made no decisions from April-June. Then in June I felt ready to think about whether I wanted to put myself through that hell again. I knew I did, so I set out to better my applicatio
  13. Congrats @bpilgrim89!!! And biggie congrats to everyone else. I love popping on here throughout the day to see how y'all are
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