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  1. Oh lordy, 11-14 is a lot! I started out with an enormous list of programs and ended up looking very closely at fit. I ultimately submitted applications to five schools, which felt like a gamble considering so many folks are advised to apply to 10+, but it worked out well because I was able to devote a lot of time and energy to crafting solid applications for each program. I can't imagine pouring in that much energy to applications for 10+ schools. My general advice here is to continue to dig into whatever information and resources you can find and narrow your lists further so that each school
  2. Hello, and welcome! I would add to your list the U. of Idaho (Scott Slovic and Erin James are there; both are great ecocrit folks. Scott is a pillar of ecocrit and works a lot with narrative scholarship and the interplay between personal writing and environmental writing. Erin is a poco-eco [post-colonial ecocritic] working on narrative theory in some fun ways.) as well as the University of Nevada, Reno. UNR's program was pretty much the flagship program in ecocrit but has since lost their specialized track in ecocrit and a few faculty who moved on to other institutions, but if you're int
  3. Ahh! Yes! Congratulations on making your final decision. I know the siren call of Purdue was pretty strong there for a minute, but I'm glad you chose Miami because it sounded from your other posts that they really do offer the best and most seamless opportunities for professional development. There's a lot to be said for already having a strong support network in place, too. Congratulations!
  4. Hey there, @swarthmawr! Welcome to the community, and to this wild ride that is the applications process. Other folks have already offered some great advice and answers to your questions. I want to double-down on some of that here and offer a few other things to consider. First, the really general advice: 1. As others have rightly noted, there's no such thing as a "reach" or a "backup" school at the Ph.D. level. If you can't 100% see yourself being part of a program and getting out of it what you need/want, then do not apply. Similarly, do not apply to the top five programs just beca
  5. Yaaay! So exciting! Congratulations! I am so pumped to see folks making their decisions and entering the "oh god, gotta move to awesome places now" phase of the process. <3
  6. Congratulations! That's a fabulous program and I am absolutely awestruck by the scholarship coming from WSU grads.
  7. Does anyone want to claim acceptances / waitlists at Washington State U in Pullman? Have they sent out all acceptances and waitlists?
  8. I know he's already officially accepted Harvard's offer, but seeing all these declination posts is exciting in its own way. The momentum is no joke! I'm hoping to be closer to this stage soon; must feel nice!
  9. Boo for existential crises, but yay for getting onto the wait lists! Fingers crossed for you!
  10. Congratulations! Fingers crossed for some good funding news for you!
  11. Hi there! I used to live in Reno and now live in the Midwest. Housing prices in Reno are increasing because the city is booming. But utilities are (ar at least were) pretty cheap, there's a free shuttlebus that will go from the university to the downtown, and you get can groceries for hella cheap at WINCO. There's also a great food co-op downtown. Shit tons of art, music, great food. I absolutely loved Reno and found it very affordable. I'm happy to chat via PM if you have other questions.
  12. This never gets old. I am so, so, so happy for your happy news!
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