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  1. Corvallis, OR

    Hopping on this thread for similar advice as previous posters--I really like the program I've been accepted to at OSU but I have nooooo idea what housing or cost of living is like in Corvallis. I would really like to live alone, but I'm not sure how I will do on my stipend. Does anyone have apartment complexes they could recommend to help me start my search?
  2. I don't think it's really expected, but it doesn't hurt if you want more information. My advisor said it's totally cool to call or email to reiterate your interest in the program and ask generally about the waitlist--so not really "Am I near the top?" but more of "Based on past years, when have you started to go into your waitlist? How far into your waitlist do you normally go?" --especially if the program is near the top of your personal list.
  3. update: I'm accepted off the waitlist!!! May the waitlist dominoes begin to fall in everyone's favor!
  4. Anyone else get an email from Oregon State about movement on the waitlist? EDIT: (an update) I emailed Miami (OH) and Washington State (MA programs) about application statuses, since I'm getting pressure from another school to commit early. Miami has responded that I'm on a waitlist, and my official letter was going to send today (so if anybody else is waiting to hear about Miami's rhet/comp MA, you may hear back soon).
  5. Brain fart! I automatically assumed rhetoric. Sorry, my bad!
  6. I got my rejection exactly a week ago. Did they really take that long to send out all their rejections??
  7. 2018 Acceptances

    Sorry to bother about this subject again, but I want advice: When asking CSU for a decision extension, should I 1) specifically ask for April 15th and 2) mention I want to wait out some waitlists? I have a paragraph about being excited for the program but I don't want to come off as "If I'm accepted to Penn State I am immediately dumping you," if that makes sense.
  8. 2018 Acceptances

    Sorry--it's been a very long day away from my computer--thanks @Warelin and @maengret!
  9. 2018 Acceptances

    @maengret That's what I thought! I'm gonna ask for an extension but idk why they'd try it in the first place. & thank you!!
  10. 2018 Acceptances

    Accepted into Colorado State with a funded GTA position! While I'm thrilled to have such a great offer, they want a decision by March 12th?? why you gotta play me like this fam
  11. FINALLY got a letter from Oregon State that I'm on the waitlist. (Yes, it's dated the 12th. Uh, sidenote, how do I file a complaint with the Postal Service??)
  12. Rhet/Comp 2018

    This seems like a really tough situation for me, personally, I would take this school off my list, but I have very different priorities than you (no spouse/kids, don't care about moving). It sounds like the DGS is saying not to count on a strong RC faculty for your degree, though, and that seems like it could not be productive for your research interests. Could there be other factors besides faculty to make the program strong in RC? I don't think it would be out-of-line if you wanted to call the DGS to chat more specifically about what this would look like (especially about just how close to retirement these two are). Whatever happens, I really hope it works out well for you!!
  13. Mentoring English MAs

    I definitely tried to make sure I wasn't repeat-posting, but I must have missed this. Thank you, it does help!
  14. Mentoring English MAs

    @Boomski Your reply is super helpful--thank you!
  15. Mentoring English MAs

    @Yanaka I asked about mentorship style, and the example I was given was a professor answering a question a RA had about the literature. (It also just sounded like the professors didn't engage with the research assistants very much.) And unassigned mentors/advisors are wonderful too! I'm glad to hear you have some.