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  1. Officially attending Wayne State in the fall! Declined my offer from Miami this morning for anyone waitlisted. Cheers!
  2. Made my decision today to attend Wayne State University for Behavioral and Cognitive Neuroscience! Congratulations everyone! I would love to hear from anyone attending a school in MI since I'll be new to the area.
  3. So happy to find this thread! I've been accepted to a PhD program at Wayne State (love the faculty and research) but am nervous about Detroit. Any recent updates from current residents/other newcomers who'd be interested in chatting?
  4. It spans a variety of things from neurodegenerative diseases to pharmaceutical evaluation. I'm hoping further education will help me narrow it down. Currently I'm examining the long-term effects of early-life administration of antipsychotic medications. At Miami I'd be working on an early-life stress model of PTSD, and at Wayne the impact of prenatal drug exposure. Yourself?
  5. My original first choice program turned out to be severely underfunded and underdeveloped which I only found out upon visiting. I would strongly suggest visiting each of your programs if possible, and if it's not be sure to request as much information as you can get. See if you could get a Skype tour with a grad student maybe if you can't visit one.
  6. Hello everyone! I'm late to the party but stoked to find this thread. Figured I'd post my luck in the area of Behavioral Neuroscience and see if it helps any of you/if any of you can help me: 1) NIH GPP - Rejected 2/2 2) Wayne State - Interviewed 2/23, Accepted 2/28 3) Miami University - Interviewed 12/11, Accepted 12/22 4) Pittsburgh - Rejected 2/26 5) Brandeis - Waitlisted (?) 2/8 - received an email asking if I'd also like to be considered for their masters program & have heard nothing else since (thoughts?) 6) UC Boulder - Rejected 2/19 7) UMass
  7. I think I was waitlisted at Brandeis...? I got an email asking if I would like to also be considered for their masters program though I applied for the PhD, and I declined, but I haven't heard anything else? Thoughts?
  8. Hey! So sounds like you'll be doing this without a formal visit itinerary from the programs? The three visits I've gone on were structured, but each gave their respective programs roughly 8 hours for tours (though these could have been more complete), interviews with faculty and grad students, and meals. I think giving each of your universities a full day would be wise - after the 8 hours I felt I had a fairly complete snapshot of the programs. The more questions you ask the more you'll get out of it!
  9. Would it be better to go to a PhD program with ideal reasearch topics but a severely out-dated lab space (though the research IS getting done so it's functional) or to one with research I'm not stoked about but that has brand new facilities with all the bells and whistles?
  10. I've got a wonderful problem: I've been accepted to two PhD programs and have no idea which one will be the best fit for me long term. They're both through departments of psychology; one at Miami University in Oxford, OH with a focus in Behavioral Neuroscience, and one at Wayne State University in Detroit, MI in the area of Behavioral and Cognitive Neuroscience. My problem is this: I'm in love with the research at Wayne but intrigued by the plusher setup Miami is offering. Both programs are well ranked and there aren't any red flags for either. Does anyone have any advice for how to make this
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