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  1. how do people feel about accepting a waitlist offer? I decided not to accept an offer from a school because I felt like since I was not the first choice, I wasn't truly wanted in the program.
  2. Hi! I think it depends on the program. Is there an option to say you are bringing a guest when you register for the event? If yes, then definitely feel free to bring with you parents! I think programs understand that a lot of parents are invested in their kids' education and they want to learn about/see the university for themselves. If it doesn't give you an option, maybe ask the person who is coordinating the event.
  3. I've heard that not all PIs have reached out to students. Even if they have, don't contact the program director yet. It's way too soon. Wait a week and then reach out.
  4. I'm also attending in the Fall for Clinical Psych PhD!
  5. You can do a lot with a gap year! I definitely recommend working as much as you can on research. If you can continue to do that, then your full time job isn't as important. Just make sure to clarify in your interviews or applications that you had limited options for jobs since you had no transportation. Programs will understand how survival jobs are sometimes necessary and the only option. The biggest thing I could suggest is to make sure you have experience working with the populations you hope to study in grad school! If you are planning on working primarily with kids, find a volunteer
  6. That's a lot of interviews! I would say to keep your hopes up, since you haven't heard back from all of the programs. Wait 2 weeks after the interview and then send an email to the Director or your POI to ask what your status is. If you're on the wait list, make sure to send an email to your top program and let them know you would definitely accept the offer if you were to receive one. As far as how to improve for interviews: 1. be as social as you can be! Go to every event. 2. Connect with the grad students in the lab you want to work with. It is essential for you to get along
  7. I made a thread for people to talk about the programs they decided attend!
  8. I made a thread for people to talk about programs they were accepted to and will be attending!
  9. Thought I would start a thread so people can say where they decided to attend and maybe connect with other people going to the same program! I will be attending Marquette University for Clinical Psychology!
  10. Formal offers have been extended by Marquette University! For those who got accepted, feel free to PM me! I'm so excited!
  11. Got an email last night from LT at Marquette University with an admissions offer! Woohoo! He said formal acceptance emails will be sent out later this week.
  12. Is anyone waiting to hear from Marquette University post-interview? They are meeting today to make decisions and I'm so anxious!
  13. Definitely schedule a meeting and ask in person. If you have a general direction for your thesis and some preliminary ideas, I'm sure that will be sufficient for a first meeting with her! Good luck!
  14. I have been focusing mainly on funding and faculty fit. Money will probably be the deciding factor for me
  15. Yes, a friend of mine received an invitation. I'm not sure when she got it (at least a week or two ago), but the interview day is at the end of the month.
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