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  1. I got the same one! Which program did you apply to? I went with Clinical-Community so I’m thinking that their purely Clinical invites already went out and now they’re focusing on the combined program. If that’s not the case.......I’m lost.
  2. I try to go as broad as possible! Trends in the field, attributes of successful students, the environment of the program, things they wish they knew before starting a PhD. My favorite thing to ask is how they would describe the values of the program, the department, and the university.
  3. Hi all - I’ve noticed quite a bit of anxiety and heartbreak over in the ‘21 Clinical/Counseling thread. Since this is about the time of year when a lot of psychology applicants (of all disciplines!) start assuming or receiving rejections, I thought it might be helpful to have a central space where disappointed applicants can vent and receive support. I know that these applications are sometimes years in the making; we sacrifice sleep, health, and time with our loved ones to achieve our dreams. The jolt of hope when you go to refresh your email, coupled with the disappointment when there
  4. Would it be helpful for us to put together a “coping with disappointment” thread full of kind words, validating statements, and advice from people who have been there?
  5. As a general recommendation, I like Navigating Academia and Becoming Dr. Baker on YouTube. They both have useful videos about interviews. If you have access to it, the Insider's Guide to Doctorate Programs in Clinical and Counseling Psychology has an incredible amount of information - from full profiles on (all?) schools in the US to an entire chapter on interviews. I found it for free through my university's online library, but it's well worth the $22 on Amazon if you can afford it.
  6. My advice would be to keep your answers as short as possible - especially if the group interview is only 30 minutes! They can ask follow up questions if they need to, but I think it would be better to be overly succinct than perceived as dominating the conversation. You can always ask, "Should I elaborate on that?" if you're unsure whether or not you should keep going. If you have a habit of comparing yourself to others and psyching yourself out, you can mute the volume when other applicants are talking and/or offer to answer first. However, a well-placed "I think so-and-so had a really g
  7. School: University of North Dakota Type: Counseling Psychology PhD Date of invite: January 15 Type of invite: Formal interview invite from DCT Interview date(s): January 29 or February 1 DM for POI: Sure
  8. I’m still waiting on UH Manoa and UT Austin.
  9. Does anyone know if the Georgia State Clinical invites include invites to their Clinical-Community program? Not sure if I need to cross this one off my list. 😔
  10. Thank you for bringing this up! To be honest, I’m a little glad those are fake. The problem solver in me was thinking, “What was your statement like? The GRE? If they can’t get in then how do I have any hope!”
  11. Here is a link the results page for UH. You can search by school or type of program. I pretty much sit here reloading the "Clinical Psychology" and "Counseling Psychology" search results all day. Don't be like me
  12. I know someone here was asking about URI. I heard back today - hopefully you did too! Thirding the UT Counseling Psychology PhD comments. Have not heard anything.
  13. School: Oklahoma State University, Counseling Psychology Type: PhD Date of invite: 12/15/20 Type of invite: Invite from DCT for formal interview Interview date(s): January 29 DM for POI: Yes School: University of Louisville, Counseling Psychology Type: PhD Date of invite: 12/22/20 Type of invite: Invite from DCT for formal interview Interview date(s): January 15 DM for POI: Yes School: University of Rhode Island, Clinical Psychology Type: PhD Date of invite: 1/8/21 Type of invite: Invite from admissions co
  14. If you can, invest in an Ethernet cable. It will reduce the “unreliable internet” anxiety.
  15. I’m interviewing for clinical and counseling programs, and I am planning to wear a blazer and slacks. My main tips would be to assess how your planned shirt color appears on camera with your skin tone - I’m not pale, but black shirts make me look like a featureless ghost on camera, especially in full daylight. Also, wear pants! I’ve heard some horror stories of people being forced to get up (maybe they spill their coffee, or the interviewers encourage everyone to get up and stretch) and reveal they are not wearing pants.
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