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  1. Have you considered looking into cultural anthropology? I don't have any specific recommendations for professors but I do have a degree in anthropology, and I know from personal experience that body image as a function of culture is often discussed. My thought process is that you could package communications media as a reflection of culture.
  2. GRE: 145Q; 155V; 6W. 6 of my 19 schools asked for GRE scores - received interview invites from 3 of those 6. These are estimates, I don't remember where I wrote down my ETS password GPA: 3.8 BA; 3.9 MAResearch: 2 years at time of application; 1 pub under review (second author), 4 posters (2 first author, 2 third). Leading role on a study I helped design. Clinical: ~280 direct contact clinical work from MA program. Full time salaried work in clinical role at a very prominent science institution, which definitely helped. EC: Very involved in community service for the past five years but it's
  3. Wholly agree; my experience was similar. Further, it gave me an opportunity to fine-tune my career objectives after "trying on" different clinical roles. Being able to speak knowledgeably about my experiences was an asset in interviews, as after graduation from my MA program I was able to get a paid clinical position in a highly respected science institution. I was also able to anticipate application rejection with the comfort that I am still qualified for a career in psychology; not necessarily the one I wanted, but one that I am happy with.
  4. School: The University of Rhode Island Type: Clinical Psychology Ph.D. Track: N/A Acceptance/Waitlist/Rejection: Accepted Type of Notification: Phone call from PI; email from graduate school Date Notified: 2/1/21; 3/11/21 DM for POI: Sure! School: The University of Louisville Type: Counseling Psychology, Ph.D. Track: N/A Acceptance/Waitlist/Rejection: Accepted Type of Notification: E-mail from PI; email from admissions Date Notified: 3/5/21 DM for POI: Yesssss
  5. I think that refers to 40 total offers for the application season, not 40 initial offers. As in, if you’re high on the waitlist it looks like there’s a decent chance.
  6. Yes - I recommend finding it in a PDF/online version so you can command+F your school's name: https://www.amazon.com/Insiders-Graduate-Programs-Counseling-Psychology/dp/1462541437
  7. Follow @PsychChatter on Twitter. They have a monthly psych jobs thread that lists opportunities - It's very common, but if you want more concrete data I would look up the ratio of offers extended to offers accepted in each program (I first saw that data in the Insider's Guide, not sure if it's available elsewhere). If you see that the program extended 18 offers last year and 6 were accepted, there's a pretty good chance you'll be pulled from the waitlist. if a program extends 6 offers and 6 were accepted, less so.
  8. It’s an aggregate from this current application season; I’ve attended three Counseling interviews (and one Clinical, but I excluded examples from that interview because it wasn’t relevant to OP’s question). I’m in the offer stage at the moment so I have not begun attending.
  9. Hey there! I just heard this afternoon. Interview is on Friday, but I'm going to release my spot. I hope you heard too!
  10. School: The University of Alaska Anchorage Type: Clinical-Community PhD Date of invite: 2/12/21 Type of invite: Email from program admin assistant Interview dates: 3/4 - 3/5 DM for POI: Yes Declined to interview due to existing admissions offers from top choices.
  11. Okay this is terrifying. I’m currently holding two unofficial verbal offers and I was feeling bad about that until I read your post. My mentor’s advice was to not release any offers until it’s official, and I totally understand why now. I’m so sorry that this happened to you!
  12. I would definitely be interested in hearing perspectives on this! Social media is not something that’s typically covered in (my experience) traditional application advice, but I found it useful to be following PIs on Twitter, for example, because they often post about their interests, current projects, or any lab meet and greets. But that’s something I picked up on maybe 6 months ago. I want to help future applicants navigate these tools effectively.
  13. Piggybacking on this thread to ask: does anyone have any tips for navigating academic twitter/essential accounts to follow as an applicant? I’m putting together a doc for next year’s applicants in my current lab and there’s a lot of social media involved in academic networking now. Any thoughts?
  14. I can only speak about Counseling questions (didn’t apply to/interview with PsyD programs), but the questioning on social justice was intense and very self-reflective. Examples: What does social justice mean to you? When was the last time you made a micro aggression? What did you do about it? Do you have any recommendations for social justice media - podcasts, books, articles? What is cultural competence? Do you consider yourself to be culturally competent? What part of your identity, cultural background, or personal biases will affect your work with clients?
  15. Sorry, I misread! I am thisclose to calling or emailing to ask. And maybe asking for a refund on my app fees. I understand a loss of funding, and $100 is a high application fee to ask if the status of the program was in question.
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