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  1. Congratulations! To both posters of UND invites. I've heard very good things about their program. This one sucks as the DCT called me Wednesday and were asking about my app as I have a master's and they categorize master's based off of practicum experiences. I was hopeful!
  2. I got an email from my top program, indicating I’m on a “waitlist” for an interview, if someone was to decline or not be a good fit for the program. Is this basically a soft rejection? LOL I don’t know what to make of this. I don’t feel like I should be excited or get my hopes up, right?
  3. Hi all - Need help. I'm driving myself insane. So, one of the schools I applied to sent out interview invites about 1.5 - 2 weeks ago. I assumed a rejection due to not getting an invite. However, I never received an e-mail stating anything else (no official rejection, no "check your portal", whatever). I just looked at the results page (as I obsessively refresh every couple hours while I'm at work lol), and someone got a "check your portal" e-mail today that was ultimately a rejection. So I checked my e-mail - nada. Checked my portal - nada. I feel like I'm in a weird limbo. I've never ap
  4. Oh poo, I didn't share mine lol. @MegannLPA
  5. Following up - I don't know if they send by POI or as a whole, but ISU just sent interview invites, according to results page.
  6. Hi all - I was reading another thread in this forum and saw a discussion on Academic Twitter and many newbies to AT (me being one). I thought I would create a separate thread, as not to detract from the purpose of the other, where we can share our Twitter handles, follow each other, and recommend other academic accounts to follow (such as professors, researchers, etc.). I figure you can either share your twitter publicly or can DM each other if you don't want so many people to follow you.
  7. I applied there, but I submitted my unofficial GRE score report (rather than paying to send it lol). My application just says "submitted" in a little green box at the corner of the application checklist. They likely didn't change their portal to reflect not requiring GREs. Your app was probably still forwarded to the department, though! I haven't heard anything from them either.
  8. Hi all, This might be a long shot considering that it appears not many people applied to this program (on this forum, anyway). considering only 3 people posted their interview invitations, BUUUUTTTT, To those of you who received an invite from Eastern Kentucky University PsyD's program - Did you receive an invitation from your POI only, or an invitation from the admissions director (Dr. TB)? I'm grasping at straws before I ask the program themselves if all interviews have went out I really wanted to go there LOL On another note, not all is lost! Still waiting on 4 progr
  9. To the poster on the results page who got an interview with Eastern Kentucky University, congratulations!!! This one really sucks butthole because that was my top choice! (no interview for me lol).
  10. This is my first cycle applying, so this is my first time experiencing this. I finally feel the sting of seeing a school you applied to send out interview invites and you did not get one Congratulations to all of the interviewees of Georgia Southern U!!!
  11. My first invite!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've never been so excited!!!!!! School: Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP) Type: PsyD Date of invite: 12/17 Type of invite: Mass email - from DCT Interview date(s): range from late Jan to early Feb DM for POI: Sure, but he isn't who contacted me lol
  12. Obsessively looking at programs "admissions tables" where they list their admitted classes stats. Just making sure I stack up decently, and hoping the applicant pools remain the same size lol (with IUP reporting the highest applicant #s historically). One moment I think, oh yeah, I got this. Then I look again, again, and again... and change my mind. I hate this game lol
  13. One school I applied to actually saw LESS applicants (~ 50) than they have in the last 5 years. However, they still required the GRE. This could be part of it. This program is also a PsyD program (ISU), so they may not be experiencing the same trend as PhD programs.
  14. Both of these programs have an insane amount of debt attached to them, especially Adler. Before doing my research, I applied to Adler and was accepted after turning down an interview. It appears they are for-profit. Also, if you want to specialize in neuro, getting an internship may be hard from these programs. Their match statistics are very low. Adler also has INSANELY large cohorts (more than 50 people) so individualized training is unlikely. I would check Student Doctor Network and do a forum search for many discussions had about these two programs. Good luck in you endeavors!
  15. Not an invite, but the DCT from Indiana State notified me that my app was forwarded for further review! Here’s to hoping!!
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