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  1. Hi everyone! This is my first go around at applying to programs, and it's looking like I'll be trying again next fall. I applied to 5 programs and didn't receive any interview invites. I was wondering if anyone could give me advice on how I can strengthen my application for the next cycle. Some stats: GRE: 155Q/160V/5.5W GRE Psych: 690 Undergrad: Business Administration (Psychology and French minors); GPA 3.99 Research: no publications, though currently contributing to a manuscript through writing drafts + lit searches, 4 months entry-level research experience at a hospital in NYC. Beginning a full-time research position at a different research center next month, and the lab seems productive and promising. My guess is that the main factor was the lack of research experience, but I'm not totally sure. Thank you so much, and congratulations to those of you who are in the interviewing process!
  2. Has anyone gotten word from UAlbany recently (either positive or negative)?
  3. I liked your template. I will use it when I have something to post *sigh*.
  4. Really sorry to add another one of these posts, but could the person who received a UAlbany interview invite please DM me the details of the email/POI if they're willing to share? Thank you
  5. Wow, unbelievable how often I'm checking this thread. This is a true test in patience.
  6. Thank you Bri! I got a 4.5 on AWA. Fingers crossed. Wishing you luck as well.
  7. Hello! Wondering from fellow Clinical Psych applicants what they think is a solid GRE score. Do you think there is a general benchmark that schools use? I've heard 155/155 or 310 total, but I've also heard 315. Wondering as I made a risky choice to take the GRE close to deadlines, and have 158V/155Q for 313 total. I can't take it again until 11/30, and most of my applications are due 12/1. I'm guessing reporting unofficial scores is totally off the table (has anyone had success in reporting unofficial scores?).
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