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  1. I liked your template. I will use it when I have something to post *sigh*.
  2. Really sorry to add another one of these posts, but could the person who received a UAlbany interview invite please DM me the details of the email/POI if they're willing to share? Thank you
  3. Wow, unbelievable how often I'm checking this thread. This is a true test in patience.
  4. Thank you Bri! I got a 4.5 on AWA. Fingers crossed. Wishing you luck as well.
  5. Hello! Wondering from fellow Clinical Psych applicants what they think is a solid GRE score. Do you think there is a general benchmark that schools use? I've heard 155/155 or 310 total, but I've also heard 315. Wondering as I made a risky choice to take the GRE close to deadlines, and have 158V/155Q for 313 total. I can't take it again until 11/30, and most of my applications are due 12/1. I'm guessing reporting unofficial scores is totally off the table (has anyone had success in reporting unofficial scores?).
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