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  1. School: Howard University Type: Counseling Psychology Ph.D. Date of invite: 1/16/2021 Type of invite: Email from DCT: let me know that I was chosen to apply for a fellowship and to interview. Said interview information to come next week. Interview date(s): Mid-Feb. I'll update when I have the solid date! DM for POI: Of course
  2. Has anyone heard anything from Depaul Clinical? I know the CUCDP page said interview deadline is today
  3. Thank you so much! Its really frustrating but I'm just taking it as a sign that it wasn't where I was meant to be. And I agree. At the end of the day they really do care about themselves first. Also, like I guess it makes sense because if I had known he was thinking of leaving I wouldn't have applied. It just sucks paying application fees and all of that just for it to end this way.
  4. School: Virginia Commonwealth University Type: Counseling PhD Date of invite: January 14th Type of invite: Call from POI, official invite to be sent tomorrow Interview dates: Choice between Feb 5th or 12th DM for POI: Yes
  5. I haven't heard but on the CUDCP timeline it says their interview invite deadline is tomorrow.
  6. Shared this in the slack but wanted to post here just in case anyone else has had a similar experience. Was offered an interview (my first and only as of now), was pretty excited about it but yesterday got an email from my POI that they will no longer be accepting a student due to them accepting a position at another university. Huge bummer but more aggravating because I had a prelim with them back in Nov and it was never even mentioned as a possibility. I know things change but its just disheartening at this point especially when I'm seeing my other schools all over the results page.
  7. Literally same same same! My anxiety is through the roof
  8. I would second this! A lot of counseling MA programs don't have deadlines until Feb/March and some are even later than that. If you're interested in a diversity/SJ research focus those could be really great programs to look into! Some may also have a PhD program connected so you could go there for your MA, build connections and possibly apply for PhD if its good enough fit.
  9. Yes of course!! I see you applied for the Counseling program so let me know if you have any questions about faculty
  10. Yeah of course! I figured it may help ease some anxiety for some. My PIs initials are A.D. I don't know if that PI is looking but I know that in our lab they are starting initial reviews next week and to start reaching out in the new year. I expect that it would likely be similar for your PI too but I can't say for sure. I hope that helps I'm sorry I don't have more info.
  11. I don't know who all has applied to the University of Denver but I'm a current MA student in the Counseling program and they're gonna start looking at applications end of this week/early next week! Just thought I'd share to hopefully ease some anxiety for anyone waiting. Also if you have any questions about the program feel free to PM me. Although I'm in the MA program we take the same professors and a lot of courses with the PhD students. I'm also a part time RA in the clinical psychology dept so I can potentially answer share some info on that although its limited a lot to the lab I'm
  12. First time commenting here but I've gotta say I'm super super nervous (I guess who isn't though). My first deadline was November 1st and I still haven't heard anything yet (a current student told me thats normal but I can't help but take it personally haha) and the rest of my deadlines were Dec 1st. I applied to 6 schools because I wanted to be more intentional this time around but now I'm worried I undershot it. This is my second time applying but fingers crossed it goes well. Last time I was coming straight out of undergrad and had little to no clinical experience which is what I was told we
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